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Daqinren Dragon Form

Zhùlǐ Dānwèi Sì, aka The Black Empress
The Dragon Form has come to visually represent the head of The Empire of Daqin, and is reserved for the highest Daqinren functionaries within its being. Though made to be well suited to administration and governance, those with dragon forms are uniquely adapted to be far more flexible and capable than other members of the empire. Not only do they possess outstanding appearances to visually appeal to and better deal with foreigners, but they all possess various features typically associated with military forms. Despite its renown or even infamy, the dragon form is also surrounded in mystery, as nobody outside the upper echelons know what abilities or features they possess.


Though the Dragon Form is quite appealing to the senses, several key features distinguish it from the rest. Upon their heads are a set of small antlers which curve closely to their skull. These are usually decorated according to rank, either being laid bare, given basic jewelry, or even being gilded with advanced gold alloys. In the majority of cases, their skin tones are within normal limits for the human populace, however, distinguished individuals may have colors that are both regal and exotic. What makes those with the Dragon Form stand out the most in addition to their horns however, are their body scales and tails. The scales present on their bodies typically cover their backs, tails, and outer flanks, with green being the most common base color. like in ancient legend, however, the colors can vary greatly. A ridge can also be spotted running down their backs, continuing down onto their tails. As they are expected to deal with foreigners as part of their duties, they are considered almost unnaturally handsome and beautiful by baseline humans, much like the Rooster, possessing varying figures that appeal to the more base desires.


The enhancements which the dragon form has in addition to those of the average Daqinese citizen is typically a mystery, even to the majority of the Daqinese themselves. However, several rumors exist and continue to circulate. Naturally, none of them are confirmed or denied by The Empire, with this mystery only serving to benefit them. The Dragons exhibit most traits of the other forms. They have superior intelligence, strength, agility, and endurance in comparison to humans. While growing at the same pace as other members of the Daqinren, the Dragons are very long-lived as well. Rumor even suggests that the Dragon Forms have control over the forces of magic, but these rumors are just that. It is safe to say that they feature many of the enhancements that the Rooster Form have however, including the far sight and overview necessary to run a nation.

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