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Chapter 1: Homecoming


Žana was silently watching the conversation keeping a blank expression most the time. She didn't knew about some stuff so it was best for her to stay out of it and just listen tho this was her first time meeting these people maybe when its clear she can ask questions freely. For now she stood still like a >soldier< would.
Caleb hated this kind of thing. Not the talking, he loved talking, and weaving stories. But all this pomp and circumstance never sat well with him. He shook his head in disbelief. "So you have no idea who the traitors may be, and our job is to find them, and apprehend or eliminate them? Seems straightforward enough, aside from needing to figure out their identity, and whereabouts and then chasing them down. Do you have any leads we ca work on the way there? Documents of any sort?" Caleb gestured with his hands "Otherwise we are going in there blind with no idea who or what we are even looking for."


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Oh, this would be fun if it weren’t so serious, Bee thought, her mouth turning into a small smile. Almost ultimate flexibility, don’t know who we can trust once we leave, maybe even now, and we’re going into the figurative lion’s den. Yeah, this promises to be interesting, at least until it might turn fatal.

When Caleb spoke, she nodded along, waiting to see what other info the Admiral had for them. Let’s see how fucked we are.

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"The Soyuz has been fairly coy about who was responsible. Their claim is that GDW-tied corporations operating in the system are involved, hence why they're blaming us." The admiral noted to Caleb. "In particular, they're looking at three: Jovian Sciences, a gas giant resource firm, Stellar Winds, a transportation company, and Omnigrow, an agriculture tech firm. All of their communications and movement in the system have been either locked down or monitored without GDW permission. While we inquire their records out of Yasny, you need to be on the ground there investigating them, one GDW organization to another."

The Admiral's wrist mounted datapad beeped. He took his eyes off the Lancers to take a look at it. "Looks like I'm needed at the comms to coordinate our movements. The Soyuz is moving more hardware than we'd like towards the Neptunian gas refineries, so I'll keep the rest brief. There is a real possibility that the Soyuz is using our companies as scapegoats for extremists in their own ranks, so keep an eye on them as well." He made a final remark, before leaving the storage bay. "If you have any more questions, you can find me on the bridge."

The Graus watched the admiral leave, then turned to the group. "This is going to get messy. I suggest you make good use of the 24 hours you have left on Luna."