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Type 3 Assault Rifle


Fielded en-masse starting in 2303 CE, the Type 3 Assault Rifle (3式突擊步槍) or "TBQ-3" is a culmination of the Empire of Daqin's one hundred years of experience with ballistic weaponry. As the Dìguó Jūnshì's most common weapon in service, it is the workhorse weapon of their warriors, and boasts an excellent reputation.


Like many Imperial designs, the Type 3 Assault Rifle boasts a highly unconventional layout. Consisting of an upper and lower receiver joined by a mobile pistol grip, the weapon is capable of folding down for ease of transport and storage. Yet despite this, a user will find that the weapon will rapidly deploy, pulling itself over the user and bracing itself firmly once the pistol grip is held.

The TBQ-3's upper receiver visibly features a simple, transparent, double-stack stick magazine with turn-table meant for top-loading an automatic gyrojet launcher. Above this, sits the sensor module used for target acquisition and final firing sequence. Meanwhile, the lower receiver is composed of a single shot, large bore gyrojet launcher with a downwards swinging barrel for loading.

Due to its advanced construction, the weapon does not feature manual, mechanical controls, and entirely relies on its link with the user save for the jam clearance button, which is meant to be struck hard. Additionally, its more alloy-heavy components have a slightly reddish-orange tint despite being primarily made of polymer-alloy composites.

Major Systems

The Type 3 itself is in truth, a weapon system composing of two separate firearms, one for general point fire and suppression, and the other for light anti-vehicle, explosive anti-infantry and light demolition work. Both however, feature a smart-link initiated by physical contact by the user.

Automatic Gyrojet Launcher

Despite the high-end technology involved , the automatic gyrojet launcher continues to serve the traditional role of providing personnel with a source of intermediate caliber, magazine fed, selective-fire at average combat ranges. In addition to filling a role that has not needed change for hundreds of years, the weapon is mechanically simple in construction. A top feeding magazine pushes rounds towards the user before the individual projectiles are flipped into alignment with the barrel, much in the same way as the vintage P-90 PDW. The similarities mostly end there however, as the cartridges are only held in alignment with the barrel using the magazine feed lips prior to being fired using an electrical current.

With gases escaping out the sides of the barrel during acceleration, the weapon is significantly lower recoil than firearms used by its peers, and maintains a high rate of fire. This, combined with infamously accurate guided-projectiles, make for a well rounded and easy to use weapon for the Daqinren.
  • Rate of Fire: 15 Rounds per Second
  • Magazine Size: 60 Rounds
  • Effective Range (Point Target): 800 Meters

Multipurpose Launcher

The many components of the undercarriage mounted multipurpose launcher has its roots stemming back to early mini-missile launcher weapons. As a result, many of its features are recognizable as such, with the weapon serving the same or similar role. The smooth bore barrel pivots at front end to drop its breech end, allowing for a round to be manually chambered and friction engaged with the exposed breech.

This semblance to ancient grenade launchers is superficial however, as the barrel is not meant to sustain high pressure. The round's initial velocity is low, as is the produced barrel pressure, allowing for the weapon to be lightweight in construction.
  • Rate of Fire: Manual Loading Dependent
  • Magazine Size: 1 Round
  • Effective Range (Point Target): 1000 Meters

Physical contact with a Daqinren or through an intermediary such as appropriate gloves is required for the weapon to connect with the user. This process is near-instant, and allows for full control of not only the weapon firing, but also expanding or collapsing, magazine release or ejection, as well as opening the launcher. Without usage of the smart link, the weapon is functionally useless.

Targeting Sensors

As the weapon is meant as a lightly built, affordable launcher platform, its most important and valuable component is the targeting suite. Located at the top of the weapon, it collapses into the body when not in use to protect its high-end optics. By default, the standard model is configured to work as a visible light, infrared and radar passive sensor, but may go active at the user's discretion. This enables the targeting sensor to be used as a source of illumination, and more advanced models may bet swapped in according to preference.

OOC Notes

  • Collapsing design just like its laser rifle successor
  • Pistol grip is at the rear when folded, grabbing it has the weapon pull itself over the forearm and clamp on
  • Uses a smart link, but has manual controls such as a trigger and so forth
  • Upper half is loaded P90 style and holds 60 rounds fired at 15 rounds a second for a total of 4 seconds of sustained fire
  • Targeting sensor system is located towards the front end like the P90
  • Bottom half contains the grenade launcher
  • Smart grenade functionality is on a limited default mode unless a direct link is established or a touch screen is folded out
Gyrojet Ammo:
  • Type 64 Rifle Bullet (64式步枪子弹) or "SBZ64"
  • Self-propelled, caseless ammunition that is 7.62x40mm in dimensions
  • Uses fully self-contained rocket nozzles with proper positioning to produce rotation/spin to stabilize
  • Duds are shoved out by new round behind it
  • Propellant gases are meant to be diverted out the sides of the weapon firing it, rather than straight into the user, reducing recoil
  • Made to have vast majority of acceleration occur within barrel of weapon
  • After exiting weapon, projectile maintains proper velocity throughout its effective range, making it very consistent
  • Ammunition comes in rubber-stun, ball, armor piercing, armor piercing incendiary explosive, incendiary explosive
  • Also in tracer and smart variants
  • Smart-rounds can alter their trajectory mid-flight, to make up for any inaccuracy, but not enough to go around a corner
Gyroget 40mm Ammo
  • Roughly same dimensions as modern 40mm underbarrel rounds
  • Mostly same as above
  • Ammo comes in heavy rubber-stun, HE-DP with shaped charge /w frag liner, HE-Frag , EMP, smart-smoke
  • Smart variants can alter trajectory mid-flight significantly due to lower velocity
  • Also has scout variants

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