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Jun Jian

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Daqin Empire Xeno-Geologist 'The Cow'
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Uso 2022

Jun is a Daqin Geologist who has aspirations of becoming a princess and living an easy life. She is friends with Hoshiko, and her relationship with that Daqin princess has pulled her into the machinations of the Daqin Empress.


Jun is more concerned with the immediate than with planning, and generally more concerned with the social than with the specifics of a task. She can have a certain lack of empathy when dealing with people, and will often criticize her friends for social mistakes without sugar-coating her thoughts.

She is mildly superstitious, and afraid of ghosts as she is certain she would be one of the first to die in a horror-movie type situation.

Her love of video and other passive media is well documented.


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Jun worked as a Xeno Geologist for the Daqin Empire, and generally had a more privileged life than most thanks to well off parents. She was on a vacation in HFR space with Hoshiko during the outbreak of war between the HFR and the Daqin Empire due to the arrest/kidnapping of the Daqin Empress, sweeping her up into the political games between major powers.


+ Geology in space
+ Social Butterfly
+ Daqin physical perfection

- Not hugely empathetic
- Doesn't pay close attention to specifics
- Superstitious
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