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By the late 2190s genetic engineering and cybernetics technology was taking off. Nearly every major nation on earth and even many of the minor ones had some kind of 'super soldier' program running. Various medical and defense companies also had their own improvement programs built around creating genetic therapies, upgrades, or other manipulations that could also be used for military applications.

The American Union military's procurement for genetic treatment for regular soldiers would require each nation decide on what to purchase on their own leading to a great deal of inconsistencies between armed forces that were under TJOC's authority. Special Forces units looking to purchase their own genetic upgrades would have similar problems often resulting in the various special forces units of each nation having different augmentations from one another, which in turn were often different from what their colleagues in other nations had. To make matters worse, less wealthy nations simply couldn't afford the high end modifications required to keep up with other special forces units.

To address these issues, CGRC was created in 2191 with the mandate to consolidate the sprawling genetic research and development going on throughout the American Union. They would organize under project Epsilon, a semi-open architecture for upgrades that would allow nations and corporations to share their research. They would then make these genetic upgrades available as a single package to the various special forces units within the American Union. They would also maintain legal control of the various legally patentable Artificially Created Human Genes


The Epsilon modifications are quite extensive, and there is some consideration on if they are considered an entirely different life form or not. Due to how the modifications work, only some of them can be passed along to offspring.

Peak Human

Epsilon soldiers are 'peak human', in that they are at least on the level of Olympian athletes even when not actively maintaining their physique.


Epsilons tend to grow larger than the average human, with most being close to 7 feet tall.

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