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Enid Halliday

Biographical information
New Texas
April 15th, 2289 AD

Physical description

5'10“ (177 cm)
220 lbs (99.8 kg)
Off Black with Indigo undertones
Deep Blue
Fair Pale
Political Information
Out-of-Character Information

====Personnel Registry====

-Physical Description-

Enid Halliday stands at 5 feet 10 inches and has a fit yet bottom heavy build. Often smelling like her favorite brand, a sweet blackberry deodorant. She has pale fair skin with mild freckle patterns across her arms and back added to mimic her original skin patterns. Wavy shoulder length and always in a new messy style as she plays with it often. She has deep blue, Almond shaped eyes with epicanthal folds or "Monolids". Her mid range voice has many quirky ups and downs that usually match her mood. She had Prosthetic legs and gained them from youth having lost her real ones during preteen years. Most of her body is now cybernetic after abduction by a Rouge AI who saw fit to remove and improve various organic components.

-Personality Description-

Enid is a qualified Pilot and a wise mechanic but she lacks a certain self confidence making her overly dependent on the acceptance of others. She can be an extremely good friend as she is caring, respectful, and dedicated. Naturally inclined to empathy she takes on a mother like quality at times which may be nature with her age. Her soul is old and gentle as a result of being raised on old media archives and her traditionalist parent on New Austin. Above that soft core lies a much more somber girl, one who struggles with the same purposelessness many others in the modern world find, lacking a meaningful connection after separating from her hometown, and a going through a lengthy period of isolation and abuse at the hands of her captor.

-Advantages & Disadvantages-

+Certified Pilot
+Excellent Mechanical Reasoning
+Calm in stressful situations
-Attachment Issues
-Deep rooted Trust Issues


During her stint onboard the Edward Deming she was the Pilot while it belonged to American Union and witnessed it's retrofitting in the Hawking system where it was outfitted with Mind-Machine Interface for the Pilot to be connected directly to the ship. To offload the immense in flux of data from a ship the size of the Edward Deming she was outfitted with an hardline connection port at the aft of her skull straight through the occipital bone. This was complemented with a neural implant array along the inside of her skull with enough power to handle an AI assistant that would direct a manageable flow of information from the ship's systems to Enid. This AI meshed with Enid's brain so well is became capable of running calculations with Enid's biological brain and gained an identity later being named Imperia.

System Unknown Ch.1
Veni, Vidi, Vici, Imperia Interlude
System Unknown Ch. 2 & 3

Upon her return to the Magnetic Assembly she was stabilized and repaired within a month and choose to return to active duty. Her body is modeled off her medical records to match the one she took such good care of. Many of her limbs and internal organ's have been modified or replaced. During her recovery and while she was gone she had undergone a lot of muscular replacements which vary from Lab Grown to soft-tissue actuators.

Artist: Succubae Artist: -- Artist: Moikaloop Artist: @AyieArtWorks

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