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Cherish Handlin

Cherish Handlin

Biographical information
South Philadelphia, American Union (Earth) 2278 44
Human White American/Western European Male, He/Him pronouns 6’1” (1.85m) 195lbs (88 kg) Brown Brown White
Political Information
Department of Human Protection (DHP), American Union Detective Det. Handlin
Out-of-Character Information
PizzaWizard Apr 19 2022

Cherish Handlin is a Philadelphia-native, white human male who works as a detective for the Department of Human Protection (DHP), formerly known as the Department of Homeland Security before a major shakeup of American federal departments following the passage of the Transhumanist Restriction Act. Handlin, like many in the department, was a Homeland Security agent before having to choose between early retirement or a transition to the DHP. After the death of his former partner, Handlin spent three months on psychological leave before volunteering for a transfer to Atlantica, a position viewed by most of his peers as a career dead-end.


Cherish Handlin was well-known in his previous department. His peers spoke of him in equal parts admiration and fear, as he worked long hours and refused to skirt legal or ethical boundaries, but also had a reputation for doing just about anything else required to climb the ladder of success. He was shrewd, political, and brisk with coworkers, but also believed in the mission of the DHS and had great respect for its purpose. After transferring to the Department of Human Protection, Handlin's personality seemed to change. When offered the opportunity to become a regional Lieutenant, Cherish declined, choosing to remain a detective. Instead of spending his time with his superiors, trying to keep up appearances of a motivated and ambitious employee, he spent nearly all of his off-hours with his partner Aaron Friar, a longtime friend from his time at the DHS. After Friar's suicide, Handlin seemed lost. While he has been medically cleared to return to work, his abrupt decision to transfer to Atlantica, combined with his increasingly erratic and self-destructive behavior, continues to worry the few remaining DHP employees who still care about the detective.


Handlin is a weathered-looking man, appearing much older than his fourty-four years would suggest. Since his partner's death, his colleagues have described him as "unkempty" or even "disheveled", though he has made an attempt to remedy that perception as he travels to Atlantica by cutting his hair short and taming his unruly beard down to a mustache. Handlin is almost always seen smoking a vaporizer containing nicotine, though he has recently switched to varibulez, a sweet-smelling, mildly-addictive drug derived from Atlantican kelp due a lack of fresh nicotine available on the planet.


Cherish Handlin graduated from the Community College of Philadelphia at twenty years old, before attending Penn State to finish a bachelor's and master's degree in Criminal Justice. He briefly worked for the Federal Bureau of Investigation out of college before transferring to the Department of Homeland Security. Two years after joining the DHS, Handlin was assigned a partner named Aaron Friar, who became a lifelong friend. Handlin made Senior Detective shortly before the department was restructured and renamed the Department of Human Protection. Friar committed suicide four months before Cherish transferred to Atlantica, where he has been staying for a month.


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Handlin carries a service pistol, a small medical kit, a pocket flashlight, physical and digital copies of his government credentials, and a heads-up display to allow for Augmented Reality (AR) interfaces. He also carries a small vaporizer, and an emergency glassbreaker.


Cherish Handlin's character was created using Heromachine 3.

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