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VotO Book 2 Chapter 3: Ultimatum

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Fall, 2321

High Kong Zi Orbit, aboard the Chao Guang (Faster than Light) class mobile SLE,
Da Han

The Da Han was the first of its kind in the HFR, a domestically assembled mobile SLE, spurred on by continued AU control over the confederacy's stationary SLE's. Being the first, the Da Han wasn't particularly well optimized, the FTL drive consuming far too much fuel, thus having the size of a dreadnaught but non-engine space of a frigate. Still, it was a great pride of the HFR, now repurposed for interstellar diplomacy and a sort of arkship, in the event of disaster. The non-engine space of the vessel was filled with leisure and office space for bureaucrats, along with a large array of communications.

Luo Meng waited in front of the main docking port as the Jiang Xue, a Jing Ye Si class Cruiser, docked with the Jiang Xue. As the double doors parted, the prime minister found herself face to face with Kal Young and Hak Bo-Hee.

"President Kal. Grand Admiral Hak." Luo nodded to both of them. "I'm sure you have a reason for lingering in Li Ming. Don't you have a presidential debate scheduled in a few weeks?" She raised an eyebrow at Kal in particular.

"That pales in comparison to the matter at hand, Prime Minister Luo." Kal dismissed her concerns, following her as she guided the party to her office, well lit by soft yellow light and decorated by book shelves, a waste of mass that only high ranking officials could afford. Hak stayed standing while Luo and Kal both sat down.

"Shen Zhou's intelligence has confirmed that the Empress is no longer in the Daqin capital." Kal informed Luo. "At the same time, one of their diplomatic vessels have entered FTL space, destination: Sol system." He paused to gauge Luo's reaction, which was muted and thoughtful, before continuing. "There is high probability that the Empress herself will be on Olympus Mons."

"Of course she is. The recent damages that the GDW and the Soyuz inflicted on each other has their bloodshot eyes aimed right at Daqin. She has to do damage control in person." Luo commented. "She must be desperate too, to expose herself like this."

"What are you going to do about it?" Kal's tone cooled as he inquired.

Luo sensed the shift, her eyes narrowed slightly. "The Empress might be higher ranking than Sakamoto, but she's still just a diplomat in this scenario. We follow the plan that we agreed on: publicly announce our anti-Daqin alliance with the CCM and the GDW, then strongarm the AU into doing the same. No amount of sweet talk is going to get the Empire out of this mess, not with fresh blood---"

Kal scoffed. "Prime Minister Luo, are you so blind? Our greatest adversary puts herself in front of us and all you want to do is talk?"
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Ray of Meep

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Luo was visibly taken aback, "You do understand ramifications of what you're implying, right? The harm of a recognized head of state and diplomat on international grounds---"

Kal frowned and interrupted her for a second time, standing up. "Prime Minister Luo, have you forgotten your duty as an official for our greater republic? To bring those who carried out Zhongzhi to justice? I formally request you to lead the arrest of Zhuli Number Four."

Luo leered at Kal from her desk, then eyed Hak, who watched emotionless, stone faced. "No," She replied, "You have no jurisdiction over me, or for any Heaven Forged diplomat, for that matter."

"But I do." Grand Admiral Hak finally spoke, to Luo's prediction and dismay. "Prime Minister Luo of the Li Ming Republic, as I, Grand Admiral of the Republic Space Command, having been granted power to do whatever necessary to protect the Heaven Forged Republic and carry out its interests; order you to resign as diplomat to the Olympus Mons international summit." Her hand moved to the holster at her belt.

Luo frowned, standing up, "You have no grounds to do so. the rest of the Republic will hear about this." She made her way to the door, to which Hak shook her head. "They will, but not from you. I order you to the Jiang Xue." At that word, a single marine entered the room, rifle drawn.

"Is this an arrest, Grand Admiral Hak?" Luo glared at her.

She shrugged in return. "For dereliction of duty? Not yet. Consider it courtesy, Prime Minister."

Luo growled, leaving the room with the marine behind her. She saw a few of the ship's crew, standing off against each other, recognizing half as Li Ming born. "Stand down, do as they say," She ordered, before escorted out of the Da Han completely.

Kal, meanwhile, walked over to Luo's desk, sitting down and taking out his datapad. "Now then, Bo-Hee, let's get to work."