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Zhang Wu

Zhang Wu

Biographical information
Jīngjì Tèqū (經濟特區) 2319 CE 30
Physical description
Chongwu Entertainment Model Female 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 meters) 181 lbs (82 kg) White with Pink Mane, Gold Accents Red Pink
Political Information
Daqin Empire Sakamoto's Assistant 'Secritary' , 'maid' ,
Out-of-Character Information
Uso 2022

Zhang Wu is a Chongwu created in the image of a villainess from a popular Magical Girl show for entertainment purposes. However, Wu is considered "off-model" having had her appearance and proportions altered from the archetype to suit her original owner's demands. As a result, she possesses a seething anger towards her original owners, and is desperately trying to afford reversal therapy for some or most of her bodily modifications.


Wu is distrusting but pragmatic, willing to swallow her pride if it means a shot at getting what she wants. She has little control over her personality, with her body mods often flooding her body with chemicals to trigger mood swings based on what her former owner would have wanted. This makes it difficult for her to remain consistent long term.

Thanks to her body mods, and their interactions, Wu has found herself embarrassingly in love with her new Boss Sakamoto. Unable to sort through if it was real feelings or not, her mood will sometimes shift wildly.


  • Build: Describe the shape of their body! Are they elegantly thin, or have a thicc booty? Six pack and muscles all over?
  • Facial Features: What's the shape of their face? Do they have a huge nose? A little one? Maybe a strong chin? Is there some disfiguring scar from their great enemy that comes with a huge backstory?
  • Hair Style: What color is their hair? What style do they have it in? Maybe a short bob cut? Long and flowing? Pigtails? Maybe some dreadlocks? Or are they bald now?
  • Distinguishing Features: Are there any neat features to their appearance? Like, maybe some tail feathers? Horns on their head? A tatoo on their cheek? Maybe it's even a lack of certain features? Missing a nose maybe?


Originally custom-ordered by a fan of a certain magical girl series, her owner's interest in her had already greatly diminished by the time she was delivered. The character she was based on in the series had become an unpopular member of the cast by the time the next season of the show had air'd, and this would lead to Wu eventually being sold for a fraction of what she originally cost. Her off-model attributes of the character further diminished her value to other collectors and she soon found herself working for the Daqin Empire as a 'second class' citizen, being used for security work.

She would eventually approach her boss Sakamoto for additional work, and end up being used for a variety of tasks such as product testing, intelligence gathering, and general secretary/maid work.

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