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Type 8 Laser Rifle


The Type 8 Laser Rifle is used by the Empire of Daqin and it's Diguo Junshi, specifically, its special forces divisions. The weapon is a combination weapon consisting of a free electron laser as its primary weapon system, and a configurable plasma projector as its secondary. As a weapon intended for special forces, it sees very limited use, and traces its lineage decades back to predecessors which were heavier, bulkier, had protruding wires and rougher, asymmetrical design. Cheaper to produce, lighter, smaller and sleek, the Type 8 is the pinnacle of its line. Prized by special forces for both its flexibility and power, the primary weapon is typically used as either an infrared or ultraviolet laser, but can just as easily switch to an x-ray or microwave beam. Meanwhile, its underbarrel secondary weapon can project self-containing plasma sphere 'grenades'.

Despite its 'chubby' appearance, the weapon is very easy to point and use due to its light weight of 5.5 lbs (2.5 kg). Overall, it is very well regarded for its ruggedness, reliability, and ease of maintenance. At least, for a directed energy weapon. In truth however, the weapon requires regular and periodic tuning to retain peak energy efficiency, accuracy and performance. This is physically very easy to do, and requires only common, simple tools which may be improvised, but is intellectually difficult due to the engineering know-how and assessment skills necessary. For the Daqinese, this is very easy and simple due to the level of education and skill present in their average soldier. However, other nations such as the American Union or even the Heaven Forged Republic would require skills of a proper armorer, rendering the weapon most ideal for the Daqinese themselves.


When stowed away, the pistol grip is visible at the rear of the weapon. When grasped and activated, the rifle divides itself into distinctive upper and lower halves, the free electron laser and plasma caster. In this same motion, it pulls itself over the user's arm and secures itself while deploying its targeting optics. It very visibly features no trigger, and is controlled entirely through direct neural interface. Unlike Daqinese body suits which typically have blue operational lights, the weapon features red ones that can automatically adjust their brightness as needed, or turn off entirely.

Discharge Information

The Type 8 Laser Rifle's primary fire is either an automatic, or heavier semi-automatic pulsed laser. Meanwhile, its under-barrel assembly in the lower half fires self containing, explosive plasma projectiles in an arcing trajectory, but can switch over to firing bolts which deliver a tailored electrical shock meant to stun and incapacitate.

Free Electron Laser

Though the weapon features select fire capability, alternating between automatic and semi-automatic affects the power of the shots fired, with the pulses from the latter having almost 65%% more energy than the former. During typical use, the weapon is set to fire in the infrared spectrum due to the good performance between both soft and hard targets. Due to the Type 8's flexibility however, its laser type can be adjusted on the fly. Ultraviolet lasers are used to bore through ceramics and other ablative armors due to the almost projectile-like properties of their particles, but lack the expansive damage caused by infrared lasers. Meanwhile, setting it to microwave - a maser - will very effectively cause small explosions in organic targets, but be handily defeated by proper armors.
  • Rate of Fire: 10 Rounds Per Second/Semi-Automatic
  • Effective Range: 600 Meters/1000 Meters
  • Damage: In automatic mode, the damage done by the infrared laser is consistent yet penetrating as material expands, flash vaporizing along its path. Meanwhile, the ultraviolet mode is more comparable to an armor piercing projectile, being capable of piercing through ablatives more effectively to create an ice-pick type wound. In comparison however, the microwave pulse is most like an explosive round against organics. It is highly destructive, rupturing living tissue in a steam explosion but being much less effective against anything inorganic or metallic. The more powerful semi-automatic mode allows the weapon to be used as a battle rifle, and has similar, but more powerful effects in exchange for its lower rate of fire. Additionally, the weapon can be set as an electrolaser which will shock targets into submission, stunning them for capture.
  • Projectile Appearance: Due to the various wavelengths that the laser fires in, there is no visible projectile. However, the air in the laser's path distorts due to the intense power of the pulse, allowing for particularly observant individuals to trace the path. The only circumstance where it is truly visible however, it is set to the visible light spectrum, and is shot through smoke or fog. Otherwise, the only indicators of the weapon being used are the impacts, where objects are burned and vaporized.
  • Muzzle Blast/Noise: Due to the nature of the weapon, it effectively has no muzzle blast, with the only noise being the impact of the laser itself against a target and the resulting ablation.
  • Power Cell Charge: 100 Rounds, Automatic. 66 Rounds, Semi-Automatic. 4, Plasma Grenade. 1000, Stun. The weapon is reloaded by ejecting the previous power cell from the upper assembly, and inserting a new one.

Plasma Caster

The underbarrel plasma caster produces a magnetically self-containing projectile or 'packet' of plasma, which it lobs in an arching trajectory over two to three hundred meters. Unlike the lasers, which are only visible on impact, if there are particulates in the air, or as a heat distortion along the path, the plasma packets are a brilliantly bright blue ball of fizzling light sent arching out from the weapon. Though the origin point can be traced back due to this, the effects are deadly. Unlike the free electron laser, the plasma caster is not a flexible weapon, and fills in the vital supporting niche of portable, explosive firepower for Daqinese special forces. It is located in the lower assembly of the weapon, below the pistol grip, to the rear of which is the rapid reload system which accepts a combined power cell and gas cartridge.
  • Rate of Fire: The rate of fire is determined by how quickly the soldier can load in a new cartridge
  • Effective Range: 300 Meters
  • Damage: The plasma packets fired by the underbarrel caster primarily produce damage through both the immense heat that they give off, as well as the electromagnetic interference that they produce. Though a concussive effect is present, this is secondary, though may be amplified by any expanding materials at the detonation point as they vaporize. Despite it's small radius of direct plasma contact of 2.5 meters, it is capable of melting and burning sand and concrete, with radiated heat causing additional damage further beyond that.
  • Projectile Appearance: A brilliantly bright electric blue sphere of fizzling gas
  • Muzzle Blast/Noise: As it travels through the air, the plasma packet produces a long, singular burning hiss. On impact however, the blast is sharp, fizzling and concussive as matter is vaporized
  • Ammunition: 20x80mm Gas Cartridge-Power Cell
  • Capacity: 1

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