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Loonie refers to Humans who grew up in low gravity, often leading to their heights being near double of a normal human.

This often leads to health complications, and difficulty surviving in 1g.


During early human colonization of space, it became increasingly common for people to live and work in low gravity situations. As space continued to develop, people started to be born into low gravity and spend much of their lives there. This would lead to people becoming exceptionally tall and often much more frail than their parents. This would often happen on the Moon where colonists might know only Moon Gravity for their entire lives.

By the 2300s, most space habitats included extensive 1g habitat areas, making it increasingly uncommon to see.


Loonie is a catch-all term for someone who grew up in low gravity. This is typically vary apparent as growing up in low gravity tends to create an exceptionally tall and lanky human.

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