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Bionetics are living, breathing, biological prosthesis created by the Empire of Daqin. Though it has existed for 200 years, Bionetics have only become more prominent within the last 50 years. The Daqinren originally used cybernetic prosthesis as-needed, however, with the nation's emphasis on using as little rare-earth metals and exotics, research into bio-engineering and potential alternatives were investigated, eventually bearing fruit. Bionetics are the carbon-based, biological counterpart to Cybernetics, and are available for purchase over-the-counter from the Empire's traders. Being grown in labs, the facilities to produce them are expensive, but the material cost of the items themselves is low. The latest iterations latch onto the user, and insert filament-like probes to allow for neurological control, but are otherwise fully independent of the wearer, carrying with them their own metabolic reserves which must be periodically refilled. Failure to do so in a timely manner results on the bionetic fusing with the user, necessitating surgical removal. This may or many not be desired, with some Bionetic models being expressly made to turn into the limb it is replacing and reverting to standard tissue.

In addition to this, they come in various different varieties, can be custom made for users, and be made compatible for different user species as needed. Meanwhile, those that desire bodily modularity typically opt for a Daqinren Horse Form, which specializes in Bionetic component comparability, and are highly resistant to fusion with their prosthetics.

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