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40mm Super Drones

A number of different ammunition types are produced for the MAG-8 system in the “Super 40” 40mm format. Each of these drones have a small interface on the back for the firing system to 'trigger' the drone to activate and launch. The drones are otherwise 'off' until they are activated by the launcher.


40mm Super Recon Drone

the 40MM Super Drone format Recon Drone was designed for the MAG-8 launcher.


The recon drone remains in an 'off' state until the drone launch is triggered by striking the pad on the rear of the drone. when activated the tiny rocket motor that causes the drone to shoot forward, spinning rapidly. A forward facing camera, side facing LIDR system, internal gravity-detection system, and side scanning radar scan the area around the drone as it moves forward. The fold-out fins and drive system are enough to allow the drone to pick a path to follow on its own, and communicate back wirelessly targets for other drones to strike.

40mm Super Atmospheric Recon Drone

The Atmospheric version of the Recon Drone switches out the rocket motor for high capacity batteries and folding counter-rotating propellers that allow the drone to hover and scout for nearly half an hour before needing to recharge. Since the drone relies on aerodynamics for stability and propulsion, it isn't useful in the vacuum of space.

40mm Super Anti-Tank Drone

The 40MM SUPER format anti-tank Drone was designed for the MAG-8


The round, when launched, is designed to fly under its own rocket power to a target that has been previously queue'd up for it, and set off a directed-explosive to cut through shields or armor.

40mm Super Knife Missile


The 40mm Knife Missile is a kinetic kill weapon designed to punch through targets with its tungsten tip. It uses a small high power rocket system for propulsion and is reasonable effective at punching through soft targets at high speeds. A radio system allows for a data-link to the drone for targets and a radar system provides guidance. The drone only has ~10 seconds of flight time, and can often be recovered and refilled to be reused.

40mm Super Stun Drone

The 40mm Super Stun Drone is designed as a less-lethal incapacitation drone launched from the MAG-8 weapon system.


The drone itself uses an electromagnetically pushed piston for initial launch, then fins and a small anti-gravity system to guide itself to its target which can updated on the fly by wireless data-links or self-selected by the drone itself based on preset criteria. The drone itself uses both Radar, optical, and thermal sensors to not only locate the target but to determine what level of force to impact them with then how to stun the target. The drone can apply a variable amount of voltage or a PEP style stun blast. The drone will remain latched onto the target and stun again if attempts to remove it are made before the drone is disarmed.

Dumbfire Rounds

40mm Blue

Developed for the MAG-8, the BLUE is a spring-loaded training round designed to simulate the firing of a drone from the MAG-8. It has a similar kick to firing the real thing, but does not contain any explosives. The round can easily be retrieved and returned to usable condition by hand.

40mm Smoke Grenade

A basic smoke round with a small rocket motor for initial velocity. An impact fusee triggers a dispersal explosive that spreads a cloud of hot smoke filled with small radar reflectors and retro reflective material at the destination. The intended goal is to block visual, thermal, and radar signals through the smoke.

40mm Smoke Rocket

A basic smoke round made from a single piece solid rocket motor that generates a cloud of smoke behind it as it travels.

40mm Unguided Explosive


Perhaps the cheapest and easiest round to produce, the Unguided explosive contains enough explosive to level a small structure, and a small rocket motor capable of propelling the round a few hundred meters. The round is designed to be highly resistant to shock and heat, and tends not to explode even when shot.

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