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The physics of antimatter have been well-established for two centuries, holding great potential in medicine, transportation, energy, and military applications. However, said applications are rather limited, even with mature nuclear fusion technology. Antimatter is notoriously difficult to create on a mass scale, either through filtering electromagnetically through enormous quantities of matter, or by filtering the remnants of two continuously colliding beams of particles; both methods require planetary-scale infrastructure and energy investments that are economically and politically difficult to justify. Currently, the small amounts of antimatter that have been made are used in microscopic quantities to improve the engine performance of military vessels and high-end, private yachts.

Several important events in the past five years are to change this stagnation in antimatter physics, the most important of which being the advancements in Wolfeonium application. Wofleon physics has been the cornerstone of interstellar society for almost as long as the solidification of our understanding of antimatter. Running mega-currents through rods of Wolfeonium while keeping the metal supercooled compresses spacetime in a cylindrical shape, axially colinear with the rods across interstellar distances. Up until recently, this form of spacetime manipulation was energy intensive, rudimentary, and unitary; but drastically expanded the human footprint to interstellar distances, making an interstellar network of communities possible. Now, advances in matter manipulation and fabrication have allowed for more intricate, stable patterns of Wolfeonium on the microscopic level that can withstand high current environments while also accepting supercooling fluids to run through, thereby opening more complex spacetime manipulation.

Secondary milestones include improvements in supercooling technology that reduce the quantity of liquid helium required to maintain spacetime manipulation; and the establishment of Dirac Station on Titan, greatly expanding our antimatter production, research, and application capacity for decades to come.