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Political and Banned Speech

Ray of Meep

Wiki Moderator
Stance on Political Discussion

We don't condone it. If you want to have a discussion of modern politics, the staff team will be happy to point you in the right direction.

Now, everyone expresses their political viewpoint sooner or later, whether intentionally or not. If we cracked down on every instance, every member here will have been punished, especially staff. Thus, we don't have a hard mechanism for deterring political expression. Rather, it will come from the social pressures of the community itself to stamp out any embers of political combat before they get out of hand.

With that said, because fictional world building is a core pillar of this community, we must discuss the mechanisms of politics and everything related to it, for example: climate change. I trust that members of this community will do so academically and honorably, from logical and historical viewpoints. I trust that you will take this opportunity to build a believable world, rather than blatantly inject your own political agenda into the setting.

Stance on Banned Speech

Banned speech, other than politics, is defined as anything that can endanger human safety. For example, posting someone else’s address without permission, or making death threats to another person. (Example for our sci-fi purposes is Kathleen Kennedy) Or something more indirect, like encouraging people to not wear seat belts. Direct threats to another person's safety are automatically banned speech. Topics that indirectly threatens another's safety within one degree of separation must be recognized rule creation process, and will be listed in this thread.