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NTNN - Exclusive In-Depth Report on the Outremer Expedition


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"Welcome back to the Nine-Tails News Network, I'm Siena Tsang," the anchor said, her smile the best money could buy. "We've got an exclusive report on the Outremer Expedition, whose trials and tribulations were rumors for months before finally being confirmed last week by ISOC. Thanks to our contacts in the military though, we were able to get an interview with Brigadier General Lloyd Thomas, the senior most officer of the expedition. We now go to the recording of that interview."

"Sasha Jacquet here with General Thomas," the French reporter said to the camera, before turning to the AU officer. "General, a lot has changed since the research outpost was first established here a few years ago. Now there's an entire alien enclave full of sentient giant spiders. How has the transition been dealt with by your military and scientific outfits?"

"Our scientists have never been busier," Thomas said, chuckling before sobering. "After the unfortunate deaths on both sides following first contact, both human and Theradectan worked to maintain a productive relationship and learn from each other, and our military has been an integral part in keeping the peace."

"Indeed," Sasha said, looking down at his datapad for a moment. "And one of those things we've learned is magic?"

"An anomalous phenomena that we've tied to ancient Aos Si writings and real world events that haven't been seen outside of this expedition, yes," the General said, obviously having worked on that line for months.

"I'm sure our viewers will love to see some examples of the anomalies," the reporter said with a raised eyebrow.

"All in due time," Thomas said with a small smile, before the screen turned to black and an ad started.