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Discord Pruning Policy

Ray of Meep

Wiki Moderator

The purpose of pruning serves both an aesthetic purpose and a practical purpose. The aesthetic purpose is to have a cleaner member list. The practical purpose is to have a better idea of the actual community size.

Active Member Definition

An active member participates at least once every four weeks in one of the following activities:
  • Messaging on Discord
  • Posting on the forums
  • Making a post in a plot

Action Documentation

All kicks via pruning are to be documented in staff logs. For the sake of privacy, the name of the person kicked is not required.

Passive Removal of Newcomers with no Member role

If a new person joins but does not reply to staff greeting after 48 hours, they will be kicked.

Retroactive Pruning

A list of current members will be taken as of the day of this draft’s passage via any appropriate method. Members perceived to not meet the active member definition will be assigned the Shadow role.

A single staff member or game master’s veto is sufficient to remove a member’s name from the Shadow role.

An announcement will be made to inform those with the Shadow role of the pruning action. It will have the following message:

Staff will be conducting pruning of inactive members from this server. You will be kicked from the server if you do not message a game master, a staff member, or react to this message.

All remaining members on the Shadow role will be assigned a community moderator, then receive the following message from them via direct message:

Hey! We noticed you've been really inactive! So that we can keep an accurate active playerbase, unfortunately we are going to be kicking you from our server. Don't worry though! If you want to come back, we'll be happy to have you, just follow the invitation! https://discord.com/invite/FbyYJ5GTXf

The community moderator responsible will then kick the member.

Pruning Going Forward

Every four weeks after the draft’s passage, the process outlined in Retroactive Pruning will be repeated.
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