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Chapter 3: Fire and Ice

Caleb looked at the video of the men behind the back wall, trying to figure the best way to get them in the spots they were in. Heavy calbre rifle rounds would likely punch trhough the walls into them, but most of what they had was assault weapons. So he signed "Time the flash, then we approach door, take down enemies while they are blinded."

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The Soyuz personnel nodded in agreement. With Jamison guarding the rear, Renee ready to apply lethal fire if necessary, the supports were in position. Beatrix took the initiative, applying the breaching charge on the top half of the door, before blowing it open towards the inside. Shrapnel flew into the room, splinters showering the guards and the couch that barricaded the door. Caleb, Shephard, and Zana's flashbangs and tear gas flew in, staggered, maximizing the time the guards spent coughing in agony and blindly firing at the door, stray shots harmlessly bouncing off Beatrix's shield.

In perfect choreography, Froststorm coolly found a gap in the blind fire and aimed his laser pistol at the guards. Coughs turned to agonized cries as the victims' eyes were seared, all fluids vaporized in the fragile organs by the high power EM attacks. As they went to cover their eyes, Caleb lept over the couch, while Zana slithered over, the shrapnel gliding under her armored, serpentine body. Both of them managed to get on top of the disarmed, blinded guards, pinning them to the ground.


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Mari didn't waste any time. The area seemed secure enough, and soon Mari was through the door, looking for whatever local hardware was available to connect to. Small wireless devices were plugged into any available port while smaller hand-sized spider drones equipped with cameras were placed on any open keyboards so they could begin trying to pull data off machines as best they could.

"Do try and leave their faces intact."

The state of the guards didn't seem to concern Mari too much, other than what they looked like. She would be approaching them closely to get scans of their faces so she could run them against the Soyuz's databases.

These guys had to come from somewhere.


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Jami waited and watched the empty corridor. It wasn't his job to worry about what he assumed from the sounds was a successful manuver. Though with his free arm, the barricade was deployed on the ground, he pulled out a portable splint which he started putting on his definetly broken arm. With a grunt and a moment of unimaginable amount of pain Jamison straightend the arm that used to be held by the exosuit before returning the limb to the exosuits grip and returned his finger to the trigger.


žana was just holding the terrorist to the ground with her body weigh and being coiled around him.

"this didnt have to happen if you just surrendered you know!"

she looked back at her team and the Soyuz then around the room and made sure it nothing was out of the ordinary.

"hey should we take them outside now and patch their faces a bit and arrest them?"

she said towards shephard as she stood up and holded the terrorist from behind


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"Yeah, get out of the gas so we can tie them up and treat them, before the interrogation," Bee said, looking around the room one last time before putting her shield on her back and pulling out her medbag. "Not to mention going over your guy's wounds again. Don't want to miss an injury that you're not noticing because of adrenaline."


As everyone stormed the room as the EM attacks were detonated, Renee rushed in at the back. Although the HUD was showing no enemies, Renee still turned around when she reached the doorway and delivered a quick sweep of the hallway. Upon deciding that the corridor was sufficiently clear, she turned around, moving past Jamison and affording Froststorm with a begrudging stare that was meant to display her respect for him. Whether it was successful in its apparent aim was unclear, as Renee broke eye contact before she could see any reaction.

Renee was sure that there was some form of protocol against handcuffing injured people, but she didn't particularly care. She got five metal zipties out of her bag, fashioning two of them into a loose pair of handcuffs and repeating the process with the second one. She fixed them around one of the hands of the guards, before throwing the other pair to Zana, to put on the guard that she was sat on. With the fifth ziptie, she aimed to tie the two together, but thought this may be overkill.
Caleb had bounded over the couch, delivering a sideways kick as he vaulted over it, and landing on top of the man, pinning him to the ground. His pistol was pressed against the mans head, even if he could no longer see, the feeling of the metal against his head should be a clear indication. He helped Renee handcuff the man, making sure he could do little more than wiggle slightly.

Caleb crouched in front of them, if they could see any longer, they would be able to see him, his duster out behind him, and Courage lazily held in his hand. "Good of you to join us boys. I do believe that some diplomacy is in order. So you answer our questions, and perhaps this becomes easier for you. If not, well..." the implication at the end went unsaid, but was very clear.
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The captured guards were too busy coughing in the teargas, requiring the Lancers to drag them out of the server room into the hallway. Meanwhile, the gunfire upstairs started to die down, and Eberhard met up with his team as they put the bodies against the walls. His facial expressions was covered by that face mask with the element symbol on it, but he was visibly more relaxed. Still, he had his finger on the trigger plate while Jamison watched Eberhard's back as he approached.

As expected, the goons were deleting as much data as possible from their servers. Most of it was still salvageable, but it'd take a few days, a mix of software wizardry and directly manipulating the hardware itself. The most immediately available information was a text script documenting the storage of a cocktail of psychiatric drugs.

Mari didn't have time to think about the matter before there was a rumble that slightly shook the basement's ceiling, then another, then three more. The faint cry of sirens could be heard, murmuring, trying to reach everyone's ears. Shephard and Froststorm looked visibly on edge, glancing suspiciously between the captured guards and the Lancers.

Alas, one of the guards spit in the direction of Caleb's face, coughing, putting up a proud smile. The smile of a martyr facing death. "Go to hell, traitor. Long live the Commonwealth."

Then a white noise filled transmission came in through the comms, it was Ulrike, audibly panicked, "Lancers, we have a problem."