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Chapter 1: Intermission - Bee & Žana


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Late March, 2320

Daheim Zwei, Sol System

"Uggh, bored," Beatrix said to her otherwise empty room, putting down the game controller in a huff. "Knew I should have downloaded more stuff before we left."

You know it's bad when you're talking to yourself, she thought as she shook her head. Let's go get some exercise in or something. Goal decided, she slipped on her shoes and walked out into the corridor, to get to the stairs.

In the corridor, Beatrix saw her new crew mate sitting on the beach looking at her phone not doing much. She was in her casual wears too.

"Oh hey," Bee said, smiling as she walked towards her colleague. "Žana, right?"

"Correct ...you must be Bee? Yeah I'm pretty new here to the GL"

"We all have to start somewhere," Beatrix replied, leaning against the bulkhead across from the snake-form. "What brought you to the Lancers? Money, adventure?"

"Well I was a human once in slovenia (yugoslav union) working as a mechanic for a very short time then became a police officer after some time I won a lottery and well after browsing the web some time I saw the human to daqin forms. I well bought myself a snake form to be more deadly in combat and all...later I saw it burned almost all my bank account money soo I joined the GL pmc's...I fell like an alien here to be honest..."

She said the last words in a bit of a tired tone

"I can see that," Beatrix said, taking a moment to look over the other woman. "Don't worry. On our last tour, we got to know each other pretty well. You learn fast when you're stuck in a tin can together for weeks to months." Straightening, she walked over and sat down next to Žana. "Any particular reason you picked black and white for your coloration?"

"well its more black/gray and white and I kinda like the colours...plus they would make me more hidden in the dark and all haha...also if il be cold blooded the dark colours work pretty well in the sun giving me some body heat. Same for my clothes I like some dark colours and all but I do wear some nice colourful ones too at times"

"Also I did had go get used to having no legs...was kinda weird but it's pretty natural for me now"

"Huh," Bee said, frowning as she looked looked past Žana for a moment before shaking her head. "Sorry, just realized I'm not sure how we'll get our usual armor to work with your tail. Did you talk to Ulrike or Eberhard about that?"

"Maybe they will give me a custom one like a quick body scan then y know...I'm sure it can work well"

"As for Eberhard and ulrike...no not yet"

"I really hope they thought ahead about that, cause as the resident medic, I really don't want you to go into the fight without adequate protection," Beatrix said as she shook her head. "Something to bring up later."

Žana nods "ok"

"Say Bee, what was your past life like before joining the GL?"

"Oh, you know," the smaller woman said with a shrug, "Spoiled rich kid, went through med school and joined the army, thinking I'd be on the frontlines. Instead got stuck treating training injuries for a couple of years. Decided 'screw this', looked for more exciting work and found the Lancers. Much more interesting all around, though there were some close calls that I would have loved to avoid."

"Yeah well I kinda find this similar to the police force I served it was called the milicija since it was a national police force and all, also it was a bit more militarized since we had to deal with some criminals and stuff that were armed pretty well or terrorism"

"Sounds like a good prep for what we do," Beatrix replied with a nod. "Though apparently this time around we're doing more spy stuff, so that'll be fun."

"Ooh spy stuff? Hmm, yeah I can be pretty quiet and hidden...I think it can work. Also if you have a question about the snake forms I think you can ask away I think I should know how to answer"

"Hmm," Beatrix murmured, before pointing at Žana's hood. "Do you mind if I touch it?"

Žana looks over "oh the cobra hood?...sure I dont mind dude just dont pinch it" she said in a neutral tone

"Of course," Bee said, reaching up and running her fingers along the hood's rim. "Any sensitive spots I should know about, good or bad?"

"Hah well if you're talking about sensitive spots around my hood I would say the neck or so or the behind the ear y know...tho for the bad ones well...dont punch me...cuz I will hit back harder too...heh" sarcastic

"So, like here?" Beatrix asked, tracing tiny circles just behind the snakeform's earhole.

"Haha ok that tickles a bit"

"What never petted a snake before Hmmm?"

"Never one that gave enjoyable feedback, no," Bee replied, keeping up the ear rubbing with her left hand as she ran her right along the other woman's neck. "Anywhere in particular?"

"Umm...you sure like petting me huh? You do know I'm not an animal? Well like intelligence wise...also nah haha I'm good"

"Hmm? Oh," Beatrix said, giving one last rub before lowering her hands. "Sorry, I am generally a big toucher. Add that to scales feeling good on skin and, well..." she trailed off with a sheepish shrug.

"Heh thanks but yeah at least no one saw us" awkwardly looks around "jup were fine..."

"Tho hey at least you dont see me as a monster or something...that's nice of you"

"I mean, that's the minimum level of courtesy we should give everyone, so glad I'm being consistent," Bee said, before standing up. "Anyway, I was headed to get some exercise. Want to come with?"

"Uhh sure why not"