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AU Starship Design


Mar 7, 2020
While we do need to make some ships for other groups, I still haven't really figured out what I want them to look like.

Unlike the American Union ships, which we have a pretty good design language for. I've been looking at American rockets and the Statesmen is intended to look like the Saturn V. Some inspiration is also taken from the Colossus from the sadly-no-longer-with-us fractured space game. The Statesmen also has a mix of floors that are oriented properly (towards the engine) and improperly (space boat style), and that is intentional since the ship is supposed to be made by people who don't REALLY have an innate understanding of space.

Saturn V:

I started looking at missiles and other projectiles for ideas for starships. There are only so many space-rockets, and they all look very similar largely because they are all designed to do exactly the same thing so I needed to get some more sources of ideas. Here are some of the ones I liked:


And the resulting thing that came out of that was the ship below. This ended up being an escort-carrier type ship that has about the same amount of space for holding ships as the statesmen. It re-uses the same bridge and crew module as the Statesmen as well (probably saving money?) and has the same weapons, just more anti-missile systems and only a single anti-ship turret. The ship's armor also extends out on one 'side' so that facing could be turned towards the enemy whenever they are being shot at, which will put the ship's CIC on the safest side of the ship.

I imagine this will be more of an escort type craft that could be in star systems where it would only be expected to go on short trips between planets in the star system. The large number of support craft would make it suitable for policing orbital space and a variety of other keep-the-peace-style missions.