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A Brief on Magic (HFR)


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Heaven Forged Republic,
Commonwealth of the Dawn
Li Ming System
Planet Zhu Que, Capitol City of Yun Wang
University of Yun Wang
Common Era 2324

The hustle and bustle of students clamoring to enter the university's lecture hall was nothing new.

Both the newly minted young adults fresh out of high-school and more seasoned students made to get the best seats with hurried footsteps, all eager to sit near the speaker. However, it was the older attendees that stood out. Former alumni, professors, doctors and masters in their fields also vied to sit close, their presence alone making it clear that the person coming was...special. This person was many things, many of them different to different people.

An icon. A sellout. An entrepreneur. A vulture. A saint. A whore. A scientist. A thief. A captain of industry. A robber baron. And, so on, so forth.

But on this person's quiet entrance, the collective gasp and following silence made it clear that there were things about this speaker that they could all agree on. It didn't matter that they all saw the speaker a little differently, with different perspectives and focuses and values. The speaker had quietly entered, politely making sure the door closed behind them without slamming, and despite being modestly clad like any other student, would have stood out in any crowd. Many held their breath, only to find it again as the speaker gently smiled at the audience. The confidence radiating from their sparkling eyes spread comfort and warmth as they came to the speaker's podium. The videos, posters and recordings did not do this lecture guest justice.

Not in the slightest.

It was almost as if some healthy glow came from within the speaker, and as though to draw attention to this, she summoned a holographic event poster of herself so that they could compare. And they did. The audience began to look confused. The speaker in the flesh had something that the camera simply couldn't capture, but their flesh and blood eyes could. There was a timelessness present in this person that simply couldn't be measured by tangible tools. Her long, red hair had a soft luster that they could feel with their own eyes. Meanwhile, the very act of setting down and opening her suitcase made it clear that there was an effortless grace despite her envied shape.

A shape punctuated by the pointed ears of an Aos Si.

"Magic," Amisra of Yvresse began, "Is a familiar concept to you all, and yet, something likely never witnessed firsthand by many of you here. At least, until now," she smiled, a hint of playful smugness in her voice, proud that they could see her vigor. Reaching into her suitcase, her slender fingers procured a tome familiar with many, many human beings. "What you dreamed and imagined in flights of fantasy however, is quite real, and slowly returning." She waited, paused for the people in the audience so that they would remember to breathe again. "Though I am only a guest speaker here to mark the start of your class, I will nonetheless give a brief overview of what is to come." Reaching again into her suitcase, the crimson haired Aos Si procured a metal sample container that quickly drew all eyes. Held in in one hand, the lid unnaturally started to spin. Twisting and hissing on its own to their surprise, and finally lifting it off herself, the contents rose up and out for them to see.

A single gleaming red gemstone. Casting their zoomed-in video feeds aside entirely, even those further back edged forward in their seats. The light wasn't much as far as the cameras could discern, but to everyone present, there was something that simply couldn't be captured in that glow.

"This course will cover many things, among them, the nature of Heartstones - Emilserni - as the focal point of magic within individuals," she continued, the sample drifting down and back into its container. "Like the breath of life," Amisra paused, deliberately taking in a breath and exhaling, they could all just almost feel, almost see, something come and go from her soft lips. "Mana is taken in, held, and released from heartstones in order to perform the action known as magic. Actions that defy much of science, and that some would say is the creation of miracles," she smiled, amused at their reaction to child's play.

"There are of course, certain rules and limitations," Amisra continued to speak. Even as she eyed her audience and spoke, gauging their reactions, she deftly pulled out a candle...and some of her favorite flan from a nearby sweet shop. Somehow, it was fitting that it had a happy face molded into the side. "Even so, I imagine some of you may need this," her smile grew, charming them all with a bottle of hard liquor. Pouring a little onto the flan, the students tickled Amisra's ears with their laughter, just a bit. There was plenty of unease in what she heard in her audience. "Especially since the first form of magic - Primordial Magic - is the most dangerous," she suddenly warned them, acknowledging their anxieties. "When mana is gathered in excess, magic simply occurs without direction, making miracles and horrors you may not comprehend," Amisra warned.

"But, none of that today," she reassuringly waggled a finger. The audience was breathing again. "The second form of magic, Innate Magic, is of greater interest due to being more controllable, but remains too dangerous for casual use." Gesturing to the candle, Amisra continued, "Thought is innate to intelligent life, and with a thought, mana is directed into magic." The candle lit to life to the surprise of many, but her upheld hand made any gasps pause. "But, let us say my thoughts wander to my flan-friend here?" Her dessert promptly lit on fire as well. Taking out a spoon, she waited for the rich liquor to burn off before treating herself.

"Innate Magic is unfortunately as easy as it is full of risk," she licked her lips. Even from the furthest rows, it seemed like they glistened, their sweet caramel mixing with danger. For an Aos Si, Amisra was still young, and her emerald eyes glinted with glee as she played with the crowd. "It is only logical to try and find better control using something with more form. Something with thought given structure, which leads us to Invocation Magic."

She looked to the candle expectantly.

"Candle Stop Burning." The flame snuffed itself out at the unnatural authority of her words. "Candle Ignite." The wick lit aflame again. "Candle Burn Green." The candle did so, but Amisra continued to stare at it. And then she stopped, its flame returning to its normal hue. "Words are thought given form and structure, and as mana is directed by thought, it too is given these attributes," she elaborated. "Of course, some words are not enough to contain some thoughts and ideas. I am certain you can see the oncoming limitations," she smiled at the audience.

"Control and consistency is gained, but so long as the tongue is not tied, though you can all imagine what would happen if something more complex is needed." the redheaded Aos Si now reached into her suitcase again. This time, she pulled out a wooden dowel with numerous words inscribed in it, something the engineering students and alumni recognized as a tritium-deuterium cartridge, and finally, a Geiger counter. "The next step, is of course attempting to eliminate the last potential sources of variance or inconsistency," she matter-of-factly continued screwing the fuel cartridge onto the end of the stick.

"If mana is directed with written words, then more detail, control and consistency can be obtained." The level of smugness that followed in her smile told them there was a a catch. "Of course, I would not recommend attempting quick rewrites. Especially with sensitive magics such as this." Waving the odd stick implement around with obvious mocking irreverence, Amisra lazily shouted, "Alakazaaam!~"

With a hiss, the cartridge valve opened as a bright, blue pinprick of light formed, floating just off the tip. The Geiger counter on the table skipped its mildly concerned clicking, past its worried beep and straight to the Reeeeeeeeee that said danger! The looks of horror from the audience only got a smug smile from Amisra as it began turning to panic, but just as quickly as she had made a tiny sun, she snuffed it out.

"Ala, ala," the redhead fanned herself. "I suddenly feel faint at all the applications that this Magic may have!"



The truth was that Amisra had tired herself, showing them all that 'little trick', but the ageless Aos Si had made her point. Once again, an era was ending, and a new age was beginning to dawn.