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Ray of Meep

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2321, some point

Northern Gui Continent, Commonwealth of the Dawn territory

An old Aos Si, tanned through the ages, strolled across an empty beach, alone. He sat on a mobility scooter, fully clothed in white human garments with blue embroideries. His greyed hair was tied back in a bun, eyes wandering across the blue-green sea.

"You have quite the courage, for a human civilian, to be walking around on these lands alone." A voice in Aos Si Ethunin snarled behind him.

The old Aos Si smirked knowingly, turning around to meet the threatening voice face to face. It belonged to a younger Aos Si, a lighter tan, sharp black hair down in a long ponytail, the rest of his figure hidden behind a simple, brownish-red cloak that camouflaged him in the local, red vegetation.

"Or what? That I'll be ambushed the natives, tied up to be spit roast over a fire?" The old Aos Si quipped.

The two men paused, then chuckled to each other. The younger Aos Si revealed a gloved hand, crossing his arm over his chest and heart as a respectful gesture. "It's good to see you again, Lord ---"

"I go by my human name now, Wang Dai." The old Aos Si replied. "Lord Wang will suffice." There was a slight humor in that title, given that "Wang" literally translated to "King". The old Aos Si would allow himself this small shower of ego, a small, temporary reward for his work.

"Very well, Lord Wang." The younger Aos Si replied.

"It's good to see you too, Scaeth." Wang Dai replied. "You were but a young pupil when we last met. It's been... thirty years. I believe we will be seeing each other more often in the near future."

"Indeed." Scaeth replied, "How are you, Lord Wang? Are the humans causing you any trouble?"

"No, not at all. They've been too kind, to a fault. Very optimistic." Wang Dai shook his head, smiling warily. "It's almost sickening."

"Guising their true intent with superficial gestures." Scaeth scoffed, crossing his arms, looking beyond the shores, to the opposite bank, where the Liu continent resided, the heart of human occupation on this planet. "If they truly were acting out of the kindness of their hearts, they would kindly go ---"

"In due time, Scaeth." Wang Dai interrupted and admonished him. "The humans still wield fire of the heavens. Our top priority still is to find ways to disrupt this great power imbalance. How are things in the Hierarchy?"

"As we hoped, the Hierarch and the rest of the Council have all their attention focused on the Erinuns. Them buying equipment from your human contacts are causing a lot of headache with the people too. They're very much distracted, letting us research in peace."

"That's good, that's good." Lord Wang nodded, "Let the rest of the Reclaimers know that all is well on the human front as well. They're preoccupied with a war elsewhere, and that we've made a key discovery of our birthright on the First Moon."

"And the Erinuns? What of them?"

"They will receive a gift in due time. I will disclose details at a later date." Lord Wang replied cryptically.

"Ahh." Scaeth nodded knowingly. "Seems everything is coming together."

"Temper your expectations. Right now, we are simply to find opportunity and understand our heritage further, build up our own strength. Slightly weakened opposition is just a nice bonus on top." Lord Wang admonished again.

"Understood, Lord Wang. What are your further orders?"

"Continue your research. Rile up the Hierarch and the Council to go to war."

"As you wish. I will take my leave now." Scaeth placed his arm across his chest again, stepping back.

"Let dawn break, Reclaimer." Lord Wang gestured back, then gazed out to the vast waters once again.