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Western Meso-Lihana/The Trans-continent of Zhuque

Ray of Meep

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Out of Character Language Bases used: Arabic, as applied to all Aos Si, and Portuguese, specifically for Western Meso-Lihana.

Meso-Lihana is divided East and West by hostile mountains and inhospitable desert, but it is these same mountains that provide valleys of water, with sediments blowing in from the deserts providing rich nutrients for agriculture and civilization. Even with the fall of the old Aos Si civilization present on the planet, complex civilizations reaching up to human, late medieval standards have been able to develop in Meso-Lihana, collectively known as the Trans-continental Tribal States.

Western Meso-Lihana is collectively the more prosperous of the two halves, with more fertile soil. Individual valleys separated by the mountain ranges create blocs of political power, typically with a dominant city-state and its vassal city-states. These city-states range from oligarchic to autocratic, the most typical government being a patriarch or matriarch with their council of advisors, delegates from vassal states. Despite the political rivalries, these valley city-states trade frequently with each other via river and the coastline. Thus, they share similar culture, and a collective polytheistic pantheon.

The Western Trans-Continental Pantheon, Major Gods

Lord of the Ocean and Trade
Alja-Mae: Mother of the Mountains and Winter Weather
Nahr-Sena: Lady of the River and Agriculture
Conhe-Abne: Lost Son of Knowledge and the Sky

Each valley city-state also has their own minor gods that are worshipped, primarily being ancient founders of their cities. The general, collective religious lore is that the major gods were a family of Aos Si with godlike powers that arrived in Western Meso-Lihana, collectively creating great cities and prosperity with their followers. However, a war in the heavens deprived the family of its Son, Conhe-Abne, with the other gods disappearing into the ocean, mountains, and rivers, in silent service of the surviving Aos Si city-states.