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Ueill'Erunoc - UES Erunoc Class Aircraft Carrier

Ray of Meep

Wiki Moderator
The Ueill'Erunoc (Pride of Erunoc) is the first ship of the Erunoc Class Aircraft Carriers built by the United Erinun States, heavily inspired by old HFR designs. Named after the core heartland of the UES, Erunoc, The Ueill'Erunoc was commissioned in 2301, followed by its two sister ships Nuart'Erunoc (Might of Erunoc) and Misnua'Erunoc (Courage of Erunoc) in 2302 and 2303. The Erunoc Class features a large, flat platform for runway and vertical takeoffs, and a nuclear fission engine. Its hull is painted and decorated with images of the red, mangrove-analog prevalent in the Gulf of Erunoc.

The class of carriers first saw service in the early 2300's, instrumental in the UES stepping beyond its local sphere of influence and challenging that of the Ethunin Hierarchy, doing so by hosting key UES air assets that brought shock and awe upon the technological outmatched tribal-states of the northwestern Gui Continent.

The Erunoc Class is the pinnacle of UES military modernization, its successful implementation of a nuclear fission engine the crown jewel of the UES' efforts. With an experienced and zealous crew, the Ueill'Erunoc especially is capable of overpowering even the advanced human nation on the planet, the Commonwealth of the Dawn, in certain, local areas. Thus, while the CotD remains cordial with the UES, its intelligence service keeps a close eye on the movement of the carriers, coordinating with orbital defense assets to sink the ships on short notice, if necessary.