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Siren Song


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Siren Song
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Beta System
A binary system with planets split between Beta Major and Beta Minor.

Human Life
The life in Beta system is not an easy one. Humans infight over a shattered past while the little hospitable lands they try to inhabit is constantly attacked by everything around them. Some turn to genetic alterations, others turn to cults of the cybernetic, some turn to both but all can feel the noose slowly closing on them.

Habitable Zones
Beta Minor II - The home of the sheilded megacity God Speed and the initial birthplace of humanity. A slum of humanity and death with a history long forgoten.

Beta Minor II Arcturus Station - Built out of the corpse of a ancient ship this station acts as the main waystation between God Speed and the rest of the system. Once a beacon of hope for humanity it has since been turned to a skeleton barely able to keep it's current population alive as more and more humans from the planet below flee the death that closes around them.

Beta Major Asteroid Belt - Several portions of Humanity have attempted to claim this territory and some have succeeded to varying extents. Constantly embroiled in war as factions rise and fall to claim rich asteroids a short and brutal life is all that can be expected.

Beta Minor II - Fauna and Flora
Beta Minor IV - Space Fish nest in the rings
Beta Minor VI - Life in the upper atmosphere of the Jovian
Beta Major Asteroid Belt - Space Fish feeding grounds
Beta Major IIIb - Leviathans in the underice planet wide oceans.
Beta Major IV - Space Fish breeding ground in the legrange point between the moons where a smal amount of mineral rich asteroids have collected

FTL - None
Communications - Radio based with rare laser comms
Weapons - Kinetic, Large (Vehicle/Mech Based) lasers, Basic Explosives
Ships - Ancient, Huge and Slow
Computers - Normal, Rare Quantum Computers, very few smart AI (On giant cubes of computing hardware)


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Beta Minor II
Home is never safe, Fight, Flee or Fortify, you'll never win against the planet.
Planet Description
A mostly habitable planet where humans only need a clean filter and a weapon to survive. With an atmosphere with high levels of Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen and Hydrogen Sulfide the planet boasts a very robust biosphere on it's lone mega continent. Other than the local fauna and flora the planet is very tectonicaly and volcanicaly active making the landscape quick to change as well as kill. However the vast majority of the planet is still covered in oceans filled with life, reaching depths of 10 kilometers on average.
Rotational Period - 27 Hours 15 Minutes
Orbital Period - 461 Days

Most of the flora on Meta Minor II can be best described as hazardous. Making use of both Chemosynthisis and Photosynthesis has given these plants a red coloration to the wide swaths of fertile land that they have covered. While not all the flora is hazardous the defensive mechanisms found in some can be rather worrying to those not adapted to work around them. As an example, Wind wood tends to coat the ground around it in sulfur from its many stalks which whip violently around in the windy canyons they can be found in.

Fauna can be found just about everywhere they can survive, from the deepest depths to the skies above, and the vast majority are very dangerous. The scale of life varies from the huge lumbering Shellbacks to the tiny Borers that seem to dig anywhere there's food. None of it appears inteligent though pack instincts have been noticed on several occaions.
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