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CotD Land Navy Air Strategic Needs and Current Assets

Ray of Meep

Wiki Moderator
Prior to the Aos Si war, early after its formation, the Commonwealth of the Dawn declared dramatic military reformation to deescalate animosity with the local Aos Si population, and to focus its efforts on social and political reforms. Still holding technological supremacy, and with its primary holdings on the Liu continent separated from the surviving Aos Si nations, the Commonwealth identified several key strategic needs early on:

  • Protect its remaining territorial integrity
  • Protect its naval trade routes around the Liu shores and between its remaining holdings on the other continents
  • Maintain a steady, institutional knowledge in the event that mass re-militarization becomes necessary again
The Commonwealth's land force is small, and limited. There are only two bases on the entire Liu continent that house and train cadets, and only a single factory that produces armored vehicles. The entire Commonwealth army is divided into two battlegroups and a small reserve force, the larger of the two battlegroups stationed on the Gui continent where it shares the longer land border with Aos Si nations. These battlegroups are primarily infantry with assault rifles, machine guns, and mortars, IFVs with machine guns, occasionally an auto-cannon, and a handful of tanks. The equipment is regularly upgraded, however, to maintain institutional knowledge. UAV's are used extensively. Most of the army's duties in modern days are humanitarian operations, venturing into Aos Si nations to deliver technology and resources.

The Navy is by far the Commonwealth's largest force on the planet, but still dwarfed by human counterparts on other planets. A fleet of nuclear submarines are maintained with anti-orbital missiles in the event of interstellar invasion, and five Hailong-Class aircraft carriers and kept afloat in carrier patrol groups, supplemented by frigates and corvettes, mirroring the strategic doctrine of the greater HFR in space. These carrier patrol groups often separate along the trade routes to conduct anti-piracy operations. They also conduct humanitarian missions by delivering quality-of-life technologies and supplies to the Aos Si nations.

The Commonwealth's air force is seen mainly as a logistical supply force, and, more critically by some, a ceremonial show piece. By all metrics, the drone-fleets and motherships that the Commonwealth has artificially maintained are completely overkill for ground operations against the Aos Si, and defense against interstellar threats are better handled by the underwater and underground missile silos, and space command. There are six air groups currently operational, discounting the carrier air groups, each air group centered around two manned, multi-role motherships, escorted by a mix of drones that conduct various roles. Large cargocraft keep these fleets in the air, several manned, several unmanned.