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Chapter 2: The Ruins Are Alive

Rafael moved up behind the tank, purposefully avoiding eye contact with the bent corpses nearby. He quickly set up watch, relived that they got there with no incident but feeling incredibly exposed in this position.

"That's the most stupidest tattoo idea I've heard," he muttered to Korofi, dark eyes locked on the rest of the squad moving up towards the windows. "...How's the wound?" he added.


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Vlad kept his eyes on his surroundings as he walked to the door, frowning at the dead soldiers as he carefully stepped over them. "Hope you took some with you, comrades," he muttered, before dashing to the door.
Doug sighed as he moved up to the window. "I feel remarkably expendable." he said under his breath as he moved, coming up to the window he would peer inside but due to the fogginess of the window he couldn't see much into its blackness let alone the fog. "hey sir I cant see much permission to breech the building?" he asked stacking up near the sliding door.
"He said to take a peek," the Russian said, pulling out a pistol as he put his free hand on the crack of the door. "3, 2, 1," he counted down, before pulling the door open, pointing his gun into the building.
The door creaked as dust shuttered off of its top. A dim white light flickered, blinking over an armored body in last-generation armor and the shattered rifle it held in its hands. A trio of black marks on its back revealed the gunfire patterns that lead to their death, the lack of blood and black-marked meat visible around the entry points denoting energy-based entry wounds.

They would have been perfectly framed in a long, white corridor. There was still a fragment of it; roughly 50 feet of it before the walls fell away into leaning, collapsed rubble piles and a cross-section view of collapsing floors slouching towards the ground floor. What looked like a reception further down the hall had been crushed as if by a giant boot, its roof and windowed walls slanting inwards and giving them a view of a wider lobby beyond it.

A lobby wherein whole chunks of upper flooring had fallen onto, piling up in heaps of mismatched desks and furniture, and on which more bodies lay half buried or crashed into the tables and architecture.

"Report in. Hostiles, movement, friendlies?" Jurgen called, peeking around the shattered brick barrier at Vlad and his team. "We can move soo-"

In the corner of his team's vision, something flickered in the windows above. Jurgen's eyes darted to a flicker of purple and faded grey on a third floor window, seeing a large and brutish shape dart away.

"Movement, third floor, fourth windows from left!" His weapon swung up, not bothering with the bipod as he balanced it against the top of the chest-high brick wall. "Door team, hold position for now, eyes on the doorway!"


Komeo laughed at that response from Rafael. "You mean the best idea. It's advertisement and either makes the scar look awesome or can hide it...The wound is alright, it wants to flare up again but I'm holding with jokes and duct--" The conversation was cut off as he heard the enemy movement, which he placed himself beside what piece of the tank he could and would only peek out from a corner and to the windows. "I knew this was going too easy for awhile there!" He would do his best to focus his attention on the doorway ready to pull the trigger at the slightest hint of non-human movement.

"Ready and aimed Sergeant Jurgen, only waiting for a bug to come up for it's daily dose of the Bug Killer Dinner special!"