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    Book 2, Chapter 2:

    *WHAM!* The Yakuza member slammed his hand on the door, the window shuttering in the metal frame. "HEY! OVER HERE!" He yelled out, waving to some of the other Yakuza in the street to get them to come over. There were now three guys pounding on the door to get it open. "GUNSMITH! OPEN THIS UP...
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    Day in the Life: Escape from the Heavenly State

    *POP* - *SPLAT* Jun didn't waste any time shooting the head when it pop'd into the vent, aside from the time she needed to get the gun out infront of her so she could actually shoot it. Shortly after that she'd fire down through the vent to make a bigger hole down into the room below so she...
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    Book 6: Celestial Empires

    https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ioE0q_S2kn9zI_n1bR5XdM-KzevYP8vQ2USLsGQWoa0/edit?usp=sharing The first chapter of book 6 is up.
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    Day in the Life: Escape from the Heavenly State

    "pew pew pew," Jun called out as she fired a burst of shots at the door's armored view-slit. The bullets ended up shattering against the armored window... which was about what she expected but she was kinda hoping that'd work. She then tried shooting the panel next to the door. A frustrated...
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    VotO Book 3: The Titanomachy

    Added Chapters 8, 9, and 10
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    Vibro Blades

    Further thoughts on Vibroblades: The more precise cut might make it easier for the target to heal after getting cut. This might make it easier to take prisoners after the fact.
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    Day in the Life: Escape from the Heavenly State

    "Split up?" Jun asked herself, now needing to balance protecting one princess with the orders from another. She was pretty sure her career would be over if she let either of the princess' get hurt. Staying here to protect Koyama was the original plan, but not killing everyone in the engineering...
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    Book 2, Chapter 2:

    Outside of the Convenience store, the Yakuza continued their roundup of their rivals. There was a deep rumble overhead as Z-23 flew by looking for people, her powerful leg-engines carrying her through the interior of the space station. This was followed by some of the Yakuza taking pot-shots at...
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    Hybrid Chemical/Electrical guns

    What reason is there for a combination Chemical/Electrical gun? Sure, you could build a conventional chemically powered gun with black powder and everything, and then further accelerate the bullet with a coilgun at the end... but my initial thought was that this would be needless complex. Would...
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    Day in the Life: Escape from the Heavenly State

    Jun would dive right in on their rush to get to the engineering section of the ship. Sure her hostage just got shot, but that really just made a decision for her that she'd rather not make while looking right at the guy who's former life had formerly been in her hands. As she pushed off the...