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Starbound crusaders


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Mar 12, 2020
The Starbound crusaders is a plot centered around The Starchaser, an exploration ship made from magitek and its small fleet as they look for a new planet to call home. As Starbound crusaders, you May have been Knight without a lord, a lowly merchant or a banished noble. That has decided to venture out to the stars to find your fortune in the new world that you travel to, but Due to the unknown of what you might face you were granted a suit of armor and a weapon or two to help you defend yourself and the colony you hope to establish. What fame and wishes will you make? What fantastical and monstrous beasts will you see? What legacies will you build? Will you prevail, or will you be forgotten amongst the stars?

Plot Style and Expectations
The plot will be focusing on the Magitek fantasy colony from the perspective of the expeditionary force who are tasked with exploring the vast landscape and defending their people from the beasts as well as dangers that roam it and what secrets it holds. Though the Rating is 333, the focus is not on swearing, hyper-violence, or sex, though it is permissible within the story's context. Instead, the Rating is present to allow any developments that occur, and avoid hindering roleplay. Players will be making single posts on the forums during most instances, though Joint Posts made using a multi-user text editor are accepted for 'asides' that do not take place within the main story thread.
Suggested Character Origins
The characters for this plot are meant to be Starbound crusaders, meaning that they are often the banished or hated. Any species characters are most likely immigrants the reasons they have left their people could be anything from ideological to economical, or commonly banishment At the same time,

These characters most likely came together and pooled their resources to attempt to settle and develop searching for adventure, economic opportunity, and so forth. technology in terms of weapons and armor is similar to medieval tech but with a Magictek spin to it, so no guns but energy bows, swords shields, and suits of armor feel free to use your imagination on what magitek devices and equipment you have.

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