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On Biological Development

Ray of Meep

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There's this trope in sci-fi that all you need to recreate a living being is its DNA sequence. However, as our understanding of biology grows, this is very much not the case. This is seen primarily through epigenetics: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Epigenetics

The initial starting chemical composition of an embryonic cell and its environment matters greatly. There frankly is no difference between nature and nurture; both happen effectively simultaneously. Our growth as living beings are determined as much by what was in our mothers' wombs as what makes up our genes. On that note then, our biochemical environment is highly complex, made up of thousands of chemicals and proteins that interact with each other. Any slight increase in one element carries butterfly effects for the entire system.

The ability is mold biological species as the Daqinren, the Vrexul, and to lesser extent the humans do requires thorough understanding of how these thousands of factors interact with each other on a minute to minute basis. It requires the same complex coordination as space travel does, if not more so in certain aspects.


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That is correct. Genetic sequences may not 'express' themselves unless certain criteria are met or are triggered. It's something that we've only scratched the surface of, so our understanding of this is not very deep. In order to figure this out, I imagine there's a lot of trial and error, as well as many failures.