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Chapter 5: Voidward Preparations


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"... Injuries that would keep you from using your guns?" Mari asked, her drones neither shifting or looking uncomfortable.


As žana listening to this conversation she does casually speak up about the drones. "well if the drones are just like machines and all and we have broken limbs...at least some of us im pretty sure we could remote control some of them to do the hard parts? even tho they might be expensive it's still a better option than our lives right?"

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Eberhard shook his head, "As much as cybernetics sounds like an interesting prospect, I'm not inclined to force my team to go through the process adapting to drone use. Not when better options are available. Fortunately," He then muttered, "Or unfortunately," before raising his voice again, "For us, space is big, and the Giant is trying to maintain a low profile by flying at a one-third-g burn. It'll be a week until they reach the vicinity of the SLE. We'll intercept them a day before them. Your injuries are light, and the Daheim Zwei is equipped with an advanced medbay for speedy recovery."

Both Eberhard and Mari's consoles would ping. Ulrike has granted her access to an overview of the corvette's systems, but not full control quite yet. The Magnetic Assembly representative would see a standard GDW Haflinger-Class engine and the accompanying command module, equipped with a single point-defense coilgun and half a dozen interceptor missiles, along with two decoy drones. Then there was the short-range drop pod the Lancers would use for boarding actions.

The captain of the Grau Lancers stood up, "You'll have twelve hours to pack up. We aim to rendevous with the Daheim in twenty-four. From there, Copperhead and Zana will be put into the medbay. Bee, you'll be assigned to assist their full recovery."


Eberhard was correct. Even the cast itself was advanced, constantly pumping a protein-painkiller mix into Renee's arm without impairing her cognitive function. She speculated that the pain would be nothing but a dull ache by the time that they even embarked upon the Daheim Zwei. As Eberhard finished his instructions, Renee gave a curt nod, and swiftly strode out of the room, coat flapping as she walked.

She would usually have finished packing within the hour, but it took a little longer due to the reduced mobility afforded by the cast. Upon finishing, she sat on her bed besides her kit bag, and sighed, running her good hand across her face. Overcome with a wave of exhaustion, Renee couldn't help but lean backwards into the bed. Only ten minutes sleep...