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Chapter 3a: Is Red My Color


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Base Camp, Antioch

"Morning, Astroneer," the doctor said, sighing as she let her air mask hang from her neck as she sat down, datapad in hand. "Now, you said that you've been experiencing some strange symptoms after we went through the node from Outremer?"

"Morning Doc." Vinsue said. "Yea, I can't smell anything, My throat is burning, and I can't keep food down." She thought of how to say the realy strange stuff without sounding like someone on drugs. Her hand went to her mouth to cover a small cough with the sound came a puff of smoke. "And that happens. And I swear I don't smoke."

"Huh," the doctor said, taking a note on her pad. "Any mental or psychosomatic symptoms to go along with them? We've been getting reports of some 'trip-like' experiences when we went through the node. I have the Lt. Colonel's promise that the worst thing that will happen to your career is you get interviewed by a bunch of scientists when we get back to Outremer."

"No, nothing mentally wrong. I mean I have this same dream were I'm being eaten by a snake like creature. But I doubt dreams have any meaning. I was mostly just dizzy when we went through the node." Vinsue rubbed her eyes. The pupil turned Dimond shaped for a split second. She rubbed her eyes again and they went back to normal. "Not a big fan of interviews. But at least it's not a termination of employment."

The doctor blinked a few times before shaking her head. "Yeah, sleep problems are a constant struggle," she said, rubbing her own eyes. "Honestly, all I have to give you is some ibprofen, antacids, or enough morphine to keep you high as a kite until the next shuttle goes back up to the Walpole. So, your call. You feeling any migranes, stomach cramps, or other kind of pain? If so, I can help. If not, we can get you back to the ship with a call. Again, no harm no foul, we really don't want to lose anyone while we're this far from civilization."

Vinsue closed her eyes and did a mental check. No migraines. Stupid pains were simply do to hunger from the inability to eat. Suddenly everything felt fuzzy. Her skin changed to a fresh blood shade of red. She started breathing hard. It lasted only seconds before she was physically normal again. But her labored breathing lasted a bit longer. "Whut the he'll is wrong with me doc." She gasped. "I don't think you have the meds for this."

"Uh, shit," the doctor said, grasping for her airmask with one hand and her radio with the other. "Alert, alert, alert, this is Doctor Miyashita, I have a patient with an anomalous condition in Med Tent 3. Quarantine the area at once. Astroneer Smith," she continued, voice muffled by the air mask. "Sorry, but I'm not sure what's going on. Whatever's going on, remain calm. The quarantine alert will get the attention of people who have a better chance of sorting this out. Can you please describe how you're feeling when your skin changed color just now? Or a little bit ago when your eye shifted?"

That's not good. Remain calm she reminded herself. With the alert remaining calm was not easy. "Numb. I feel numb. Still fill numb. Kinda fuzzy." She went into a coughing fit. Smoke coming in puffs. She had to remind herself to stay calm that this was normal. She focused on breathing to help calm down.

"Uh huh," the doctor replied, looking at her datapad for a moment, sighing, and started rapidly typing. "Smoke breath is back. Look up for a second...yep, different eye shape. Ah, here," she added, grabbing a bottle of water and putting it into the soldier's hands. "Try to take some fluids, see if you can keep it down."

Vinsue took the water and put it to her lips to drink. The second it reached her throat she downed the bottle. She soon went into shivers cold. Mist came out with her breathing replacing the smoke.

"And now I wish I had more water," Miyashita said, picking up a laser thermometer and pointing it at the other woman. "110 degrees? Fuck. Uh...that water help at all?"

110, damn she should be dead. Brain damage happens at 103, well usually happens at 103. "No," she said. Her body going numb again as it fights the mist to relight the flame in her throat. "It's worse." She began to panic and breathing wasn't helping. Her skin became scaly like a snakes as wings and a tail began to grow. She looked up to see the quarantine staff in there protective suits opening the tent's airlock. This was bad she knew it was bad. She fell catching herself with clawed hands. "No, no, no, this can't be happening." Parts of her now ripped uniform hung from Vinsue. She sat up to look at herself.

"Dr. Miyashita, Captain Dawson," the newcomer said with a nod, before looking at Vinsue. "What's the situation?"

"Captain," Miyahita said as she handed her datapad over. "Astroneer Smith came in with a number of symptoms of physical discomfort, lack of smell, nausea, coughing while smoke comes out despite not smoking, eyes dilating, and 110 degree fever. While she was here, her skin started changing and new...appendages are showing up now."

"Which is when you called the alert," the Captain replied, looking at the notes before handing it back. "You're probably getting tired of being asked this, Astroneer, but how are you feeling?"

Vinsue, now a full dragon, stood up to her full four foot, turned around and got back on the bed before laying down on her belly like a lion. "Hungry mostly. Numb but it's going away." Her voice was beeper than before. She closed her eyes and focused on how she felt. She opened her eyes and turned to see her tail. "I have a tail?" She moved it to see if she could. She looked back at the doctors and captain. "I feel fine just hungry."

"Fair enough," Dawson replied, looking at the nine feet long soldier. "Energy's got to come from somewhere. What are you feeling? Stereotypical rare steak?"

"Sounds good to me. Actually any meat sounds good right now. Preferably fish?" She said. "I'm afraid to ask but any chance there's a mirror I can use." She felt her face and head with her front legs grimacing as she found the horns jolting out of her head. "How am I going to be a soldier like this? There is no chance I could hold a gun. Much less use one."

"We'll sort that out," the Captain replied, looking around the tent before shaking his head, turning on the selfie camera on his datapad and handing it to Vinsue. "I'll go get you some food while I update the Lt. Colonel on the situation. Just stay here until we sort this out, alright?" he asked, before heading out of the tent. In the moments before closing the tent, the women could see a line of soldiers standing at attention just outside.

She nodded understanding. She took the datapad and looked at her self. She looked like some kinda monster from New Texas. She smiled at the camera revealing raser sharp teeth. Than she noticed the wings. She handed the data pad back before looking at her wings. She spread them and closed them. This could be interesting if she could figure out how to use the wings. She crossed her front limbs and laid her head down. "By the reaction I take it I'm the only one with this problem."

"To this level of change, yes," Miyahita said, nodding as she tapped away on her datapad. "Think the most we had before was some eye colors change? Though, that's just based on our limited medical exams. Really need to get everyone back to civilization for a through checkout to be sure. Though I know a lot of people back home would love to be turned into a dragon, so there's that."

"Temporary, yea it would be cool. But honestly my uniform is ruined. I'm now faced with possibilities no one else ever has to worry about. Like I'm sure to be looked at as a threat anywhere I go. Like a bear. They hunt those were I'm from." She said. "Well at least since people aren't poking me with stuff to figure me out."

"I mean," the Doctor said, before sighing. "Now, we're probably in poking you to sort out how you work territory, to be honest. Like I was saying, we don't have the facilities here or really even Outremer to do that. Next step's probably to do a psych eval to make sure that you match up with previous ones. Then see if you're emitting anything biological that could be contagious, maybe take you outside to see if you can fly with those things, etc."

"Guess I get to look forward to being poked in two stops." She said. "I think that my psychy is good, than again you are seeing all this too rigt?" She looked at her wings as they were mentioned. "Now I will look forward to figuring those things out." She looked twords the door what is taking food so long? "Besides I want to know what these claws can do." Than looked back at doc and laid her head back down.


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"Soup's up," the Captain said as he opened the tent, grocery bags hanging from his arms. "Got a couple of things for you to try," he said, handing one bag to the Doctor before digging through the other two. "Got a couple of tin cans of mystery meat, anchovies, and weirdly enough, a couple of filets of salt cod. I have no idea why Logistics brought that down on a shuttle, but there you go. What do you want to try first?"

"Cod. Than the mystery meat." Vinsue said. Not actually caring what came first just that she got to eat. She took the cod and swallowed it hole. Than happily eat whatever they gave her. Surprisingly that included the anchovies.

"Sorry if you're still hungry," he said, pulling out a regular MRE and starting the chemical heater. "This is effectively the buffer we had brought down. Depending on how you're feeling, we can bring more down or take you up to them. Up to you, Lt. Colonel's orders."

"I think that should hold me over for a bit." She said. "I'm up for a walk If it's OK with doc. She said something about making sure I don't have some contagious sickness." She had to think about how she was going to eat an MRE. Yea she can hold a fork but her teeth were not made to use like that. In the middle of that thought she realised that her shoes were still on even though they were ripped. She took her claws and cut what was left off. "Don't think I match the dress code anymore."

"Yeah, there's a particulate collector in the bag," the Captain said, as the Doctor pulled out a boxy contraption. "But we can go on a walk while we wait for the heater to finish it's thing. Everyone's wearing an airmask out there anyway, so no real worry of quarantining. Benefits of being on an alien planet, I guess."

Vinsue got up and off the bed before attempting to stretch her wings to its full 15 foot span. She than closed her wings and stretched her legs. "I guess that is an upside." Vinsue responded. She looked at the particulate collector. Than she realised doc was taller than she was earlier. Actually every was taller meaning "I'm short." She realised. She took a few steps ready to go.

"Big wings," Miyahita said, chuckling as she dodged the appendage. "Just need to run this thing before we go," she continued, turning on the vacuum attachment of the particle collector and running it over Vinsue's body, collecting loose bits skin and scale. A minute later, she turned it off and handed it over to the Captain.

"Alright, let's go," he said, fully opening the tent to Antioch's atmosphere. Once everyone was clear, he resealed the tent and handed the collector to one of the soldiers. "Lieutenant, take this and the tent to the shuttle, collect the gas inside and get it all to Kapitänleutnant Panagiotopoulou to study it."

"Yes, sir," the soldier replied, before turning to delegate to the enlisted.

"Alright, Astroneer Smith," Dawson said, gesturing to the bright blue foliage that surrounded the camp. "Feel free to roam. We'll be following you. Just don't go near the ruins, we're thinking there's more of those bug hostiles there."

Astroneer Smith waited as the vacuum did its thing. Then left the tent as soon as she was able. "Yes sir." Vinsue answered as she began walking off. Once she got a cleared area she pulled her wings tight put one foot before the other and ran as fast as she could. She opened her wings flicking her tail and turned. She than slowed a few steps and stopped. She looked at her wings flicking her tail not exactly sure that was what she had tried to do. She walked back to where she started and turned to face the clearing. She flapped her wings a few times took a few steps and leaped. She stayed above the ground for a few yards before landing. She took a few more steps and leaped again. She would make it a few yards and landed again. She landed and jumped flapping her wings as strong as she could. She stayed in the air gaining a little speed. Finally geting it she realized she was heading straight for a vehicle. She tried to stop spreading her wings. Too late. She headbutt the vehicle and fell to the ground. She got up and shook her head.

The guards of the shuttle weren't happy with Visnue's sudden appearance, hands on their holstered pistols as they got up from their cover. They were waved down by the Captain, who looked more bemused than anything. "Well, you didn't get very high, but you did get pretty far," he said with a smile. "You alright?"

Vinsue immediately stepped back from the guards. "Sorry. Didn't see ya." She said then turned twords the captain. "Yea, I'm fine. But the shuttle has a good dent" he said looking up at it. "Guess fast flapping makes for speed not hight. Perhaps an actual pilot might have basic principles that could help." She looked at the dent. "If I had turned or was able to gain height I may have missed."

"Maybe if they were one of those nutjobs that fly in Venus' atmosphere," he replied with a shrug. "No other pilot's really used to flying with wings."

"Good point." She said. She was going to figure this out somehow. Wings how had she missed that. "Any friendly bugs have wings? Wait, don't answer that." She asked trying to remember if she saw any flying spiders than immediately questioning if she was willing to learn from one. She was certain she hadn't and that she could figure this out on her own. She turned away from the shuttle took a few steps and leaped flapping her wings. This time she flicked her tail and shifted her wings trying to figure out how to turn. She was slowly getting the hang of it. Than she sped up. This ended poorly as she tried to turn just to end up physically turning and than rolling with the momentum.

"I'd encourage you to try and get higher to give you more time to correct mistakes, but then you're more likely to get hurt, so probably best to stay close to the ground until you sort that out," Dawson said, half distracted by the pilot of the shuttle looking at the dent the Astroneer had made.

She got up and shook herself off before going back to the shuttle. "I'll keep that in mind." She said through slightly labored breaths. She sat down and looked to see what Dawson was looking at. "Maybe a military camp is not the best place for flight practice."

"Ehh, it's fine," the Captain replied with a shrug. "Gleesons use forcefields as lifting surfaces anyway, should be fine."

"Lucky for you," the pilot said, shaking his head as he climbed into the shuttle, it's engines soon whining to life.

She waited for the shuttle to get out of ear shot. "That was rude. Not like I meant to."

"Sure, but think about how you'd react if someone hurt your wing?" he said. "Pilots or any soldier really, can take things like that seriously, especially if your life depends on your equipment working."

"I mean yea I would be upset, justly so, but there is a difference on accident that they have the teck to repair and purposeful vandalism. And with it an exceptable reaction." She said actually thinking of it. "Um. Any chance there is something I can test my claws and perhaps hit strength."

"Hmm, I mean," the Captain said, looking around at the forest. "Could try the native trees? We cut down some to widen the base area, they're not too hard, though we were using chainsaws."

"That would work." She said letting him lead the way. "I mean they're not toxic to breath, are they."

"Uhhhhh, I don't know," Dawson said, rethinking his suggestion. "I mean, we've all been wearing airmasks this whole time. And I'm pretty sure no one touched them without having gloves on, so...."

"Yea probably not best to mess with unknown trees." She said. "I'm sure we'll find something later to destroy." That entire idea was out. "Anything else you can think of?

"I mean, we tested if you could survive on Antioch's mix of air and that succeeded, so that's good to know," the Captain said, scratching his head.


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She looked up at the Captain. Just now realizing that this was not the air mix she was use to. She took in a deeper breath. "Still taste like smoke." She said smoke coming out of her mouth with the first few words. "Perhaps I can race something"

"Huh," Dawson said, looking around. "Really not sure what could keep up with you enough to make a race worthwhile..."

"Hey, human," a black Theradectan said, walking up to Dawson. "Sorry, Captain. Do you know where the shuttle is? I'm supposed to take it up to help deal with an issue."

"Sorry, it just left, Thakozois," said the human in question. "Uh, wait, you guys run fast, right?"

"Relatively," the Theradectan replied, looking over at Vinsue. "Oh, when did we get another species to come along?"

"Oh, this is Astroneer Vinsue. She's human, but she shapeshifted earlier into what looks like one of our mythical creatures, a dragon," Dawson replied. "Honestly, we're kind of confused about it in general."

"If it happened suddenly when exposed to magic, then it's kind of a 50/50 on whether it's permanent or not," Thakozois said, nodding to Vinsue. "Might clear up when we get to a less mana saturated place or just when she gets tired. Shapeshifting is weird like that. Oh, are you suggesting a race? Sure, I have time for that."

"Wait, weren't you injured in the fighting?" Dawson asked.

"Yes, thankfully my molt was coming in, so now I just have a slight limp," the Theradectan replied, doing a quick circle around the pair to show his preparedness to run.

"So there is a possibility I can turn back?" She asked kinda hopeful. This cheered her up a little. But that was something to think about later.

"I figured a race would help push me to go as fast as I can." She watched Thakozois run around them. "Around the tent and back?" She asked trying to make a clear track and rule with enough length to actually test her speed.

"The command tent?" Thakozois asked, looking at the tent that was relatively isolated from the rest of the camp, though decently busy with comings and goings. "Seems fair enough."

"Let me play crossing guard and I'll tell you when to start," the Captain said, holding up a finger before jogging over to the tent.

"It's good to a superior officer doing their best to help their subordinate out," the Theradectan said. "This a normal thing to do in human hierarchies?"

She nodded. "Yea the commands tent." She watched the captain run off. "The better ones do. Often the performance of the entire base is better when they do what they can to help their underlings. And I'm glad for it. Otherwise I'll still be sitting in a sick bay tent trying to comprehend all this." She said. She walked to a line up with Thakozois. Ears down, wings tight, knees bent, and tail tip fliking for balance.

"May the fastest sentient win," the Theradectan said, crouching down and leaning forward.

"Ready," Dawson yelled, raising his arm straight up, "Set, Go," he continued, thrusting his arm towards the ground.

As his arms dropped she sprung forward running first actual steps than soon leeps as both front feet moved together. She could see the spider was passing her. She focused, reducing drag as much as possible by lowering her head a little. Around the tent she spread her wing whining her tail to make the sharpest turn possible. Next corner she did the same thing. She used as much speed and straight as she could to run faster.

Unfortunately for the dragon, sprinting was what Therdectans had evolved for, each leg acting as a hydraulic piston and sending the spider forward at high speed, though just slightly faster than the untrained Astroneer.

Thanks to the Captain's efforts, no one stood in the way of the pair's race, though they did get strange looks as the rounded the tent and ran back to their starting line. Though Vinsue started to gain at the end, as Thakozois' injury started to slow him down, he was the first to cross the line.

"Good job," he said, a whistle coming from his prosthesis as it took in air. "Think you'll put our fastest runners to the test once you get used to that form."

"Good race, your fast" She said through deep controlled breaths. She had done a decent job of keeping up with Thakozois. "Thanks, I'll first ask for a rematch from you once your leg is fully healed." She said. Smoke again came from her jaws as she exhaled.

"So, these dragons," the Theradectan said, his whistling slowing as he looked at the smoke. "Do they usually have smoke coming out of their faces or no?"

"In the stories they usually breath fire or other elements but I'm not sure about smoke." She said turning so her wings did not hit anyone as she stretched. She did not want her muscle to cramp as they cooled down.

"You don't think it would be too stereotypical if the node thing had gave me fire breath?"

"Magic's a pain in the thorax is what it is," Thakozois said, raising his pincers up in a shrug. "Sometimes it does stick to convention and stereotypes. Other times it throws sliders. That's the idiom, right? Or was it curveballs? Really hard to figure that out without knowing the sport."

"Curve balls, yea idioms are fun to figure out." As her breath retired to normal the smoke again stopped. "But breathing fire could be useful. For starting camp fires or roasting hostiles."

"Best to learn how to use it before you start a forest fire though," the Theradectan said with a shudder.

"What's this about forest fires?" Dawson asked, finally catching up to the pair.

"Her smoke breath is interesting," Thakozois said, "Apparently it's typical for dragons to have fire breath, so I'm wondering how to confirm that suspicion."


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"Well, kinda seems like she does it more when stressed," the Captain said, looking over at the dragon. "With your consent, we can try to exacerbate that."

"Probably should get a flame extinguisher first," the Theradectan said.

"I consent to it. But definitely agree with Thakozois. We should take percussions incase it works, or get out of hand." She said.

"Hold on," Dawson said, walking over to the mechanics tent nearby where the shuttle had just been. He was soon back with a fire extinguisher. "Alright, now what?"

"Safe ariea and whatever means that could be used to stress me out?" She replied tilting her head.

"Safe area would be a bare rock floor, but there's nothing like that close by that's not also infested with hostiles," the Captain replied with a shrug. "Hmm, could try having you breathe in the carbon dioxide from the fire extinguisher. Difference in temperature and less oxygen probably would cause some coughing."

"Um." She thought. "Sounds dangerous and counterproductive. As the gas is used to put out fires. But coughing is an idea." She said. She took a deep breath she balled her hand into a fist and hits her chest
Forcing the air out in a half cough. No smoke or flame came out. She forces a few more to the same outcome.

She sits down and begins tapping her tail as she thinks. "It has been observed that I breath smoke when stressed. What do I do when I'm stressed?"

"Well, looking at Miyashita's notes, you were pretty stressed when you started shifting, so there's that," Dawson said with a frown. "I'm just trying to balance my Hippocratic Oath with this research."

"I got an idea," Thakozois said, clicking his pincers together. "Give me a few minutes," he added, before running off into the forest.

She tilted her head at Thakozois statement. And watched him run off. Yep no mater what size or intelligence level a spider running was still creepy but she would never say it. "And we're making good ground on the research oath" She said. "I can quickly cover ground, partly fly and possibly breath fire." She started tapping her tail again. "And now I have a question for Thakozois. If we have miniature creatures that look like them back home, do they have miniature creatures that look like us?"

"If I remember the briefing correctly, the main smart spider, Kadinle, said they have monkey looking thing back on their homeworld?" the Captain said, trying to remember. "The main thing is giant insects though, since they have higher oxygen levels than we do back on Earth."

"Alright, come on in," the spider yelled from the forest, though he didn't appear.

Satisfied with the answer she can now think of more important things. Like following instructions. Vinsue got up and took a few steps into the woods, with Dawson following behind, fire extinguisher at the ready.

As the dragon rounded a tree, a silk net snapped up from the forest floor and pulled her into the air, trussing her up completely, only leaving her head free to move. Her upward movement ended with her coming eye level to the spider, fangs dripping with saliva as he shook her captured body with his free legs.

The scream that escaped her could go down in history. Blue sparks ran down her wings as flame came from her jaws. The spike of fear only lasted seconds before she recognized Thakozois. "Clever. Honestly not what I expected." She rigged to free herself from the web only managing to cut what her claws could reach. She looked down to see that her flame had not caused and lasting damage.

"Wow, gently now," the Theradectan said, carefully lowering them down to the forest floor as Dawson spot checked for flames. "Impressive claws though, to even cut a few strands. Much easier to just let everything get loose."

True to his word, once they'd reached the ground, Thakozois let go of the silk he'd been holding onto with his back-arms, and trap loosened itself, leaving Vinsue free to roll out of it.

The second Vinsue was able to roll out of the trap she did. Than immediately looked at it head tilted. "In this case I was able to get out because you didn't mean me any harm. And only for that reason. How would I or we get out if you had planned on a snack?" She said very curious.

"Honestly, if you wanted to survive, you would have needed to avoid the trap in the first place," the Theradectan said, tapping a pincer that had a bronze cap on it's tip. "All it'd take is a little venom and you'd be paralyzed within a few minutes. Really, it's like our recent contact with the Vrexul. We were fucked the moment they sprung their trap and only got saved by divine intervention."

"Always take your time," the Captain agreed, eyeing a patch of leaves before looking over at the unlikely looking pair. "So, electricity and fire? Fun."

She raked her claws across the trap. It cut few and scored some but not enough to actually help her in any way. "It's hard for me to believe its an avoidable trap." Vinsue than preceeded to bite the web and tug. That also didn't do anything. She than preceeded to oppen her mouth and give a silent scream in attempt to lite the web on fire. It didn't exactly spit flame. She tilted her head again trying to think. "So avoid the trap or take out the trapper before they can bite."

"And to think if Theradectan had not scared me it only be suspicious of fire." She again aimed for the web took a deep intake of breath and did a silent scream this time shooting a quick burst of fire at the web which melted a hole.

"True enough," Dawson said, looking at the net and the foliage beneath it to make sure it didn't catch fire. "So, how are you feeling?"

"Much better about the predicament than I was an hour ago." She said. "Little sore but I've never used these muscles before so it's expected."

"Good to hear," he replied, before spraying some C02 on the melted net, just to be safe. "If you want, they should have set up a bigger tent for you and Miyashita if you want to rest or anything like that."

"Yea rest sounds like a good idea." She replied. "Thanks for all the help Theradectan. Hope the next shuttle don't take to long." A small yawn escaped her. A true sign of the work they have done today. "I guess an important question would be what I'm actually going to do as far as duties? I mean if this is permanent."


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"That's something for the higher ups to sort out and that won't really happen until we make sure whatever happened to you isn't contaigous or anything," the Captain said.

"No problem, I had fun," Thakozois said with a nod. "Might as well walk with you on the way there."

Seperating at the landing pad, the dragon and the human made their way through the camp until they were outside a newly set up tent, more than double the size of the medtent they'd been in a while ago. "Alright, here we are," Dawson said, opening the flap and letting both of them in, "Each side is independently pressurized, so you'll be isolated, but can still see each other if you want. Hello, Doctor," he added, nodding to the other ocupant.

"Captain," she replied, nodding before going back to her datapad.

"All your stuff was brought in as well, so should be good to go otherwise. Let us know if you need anything else," he said to the Astroneer.

Vinsue had listened as she looked at the tent. It made sense that she had to be isolated. Didn't mean she liked it. "Safety first. Always a good idea." True to what captain said all of her stuff was here she didn't need to got through it to see it since she only kept the basics.

"Thanks captain I think everything's covered" she replied. She soon went to the bed and laid down. "So, doc, find anything interesting?" She asked

"The shuttle just got up to the ship," Miyashita said with a shrug. "Going to be some time before they sort this out. Especially with Panagiotopoulou having to pull double duty on a couple of things right now."

"Alright doc." Vinsue said. She laid her head down. Soon after she fell asleep. As her breathing slowed her body would change back to its human form with a few key differences. her skin stayed sunbirnt red and her hair now has red streeks unlike the solid brown it originly was.

"Note to self, don't let guys in here," Dawson said, covering his view of the now naked Astroneer as he walked out of the tent.

"You do that," Miyashita replied, shaking her head as she kept reading.