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AUSPAN - AU Senate votes to expand war against the Magnetic Assembly


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AUSPAN - Senate News

The senate of the American Union was a sprawling facility with numerous semi-circular levels filled with desks for senators to sit at. Nearly everyone was in attendance, and votes had just finished being cast.

"Bill 2321-7312dz has passed."

The current president was eager to get infront of the nation once more and advance their agenda.

"Fellow Americans, with the passage of this bill we will provide our military with the funds it needs to save our fellow citizens trapped by the rouge AI in the Hawking System. We-"

There would be a deep rumble, followed by debris falling from the roof as a hole was blasted in the armored glass dome above the senate. Small quad-copter drones would end up swarming in, turning the senate floor into a bloodbath. As guards fired their pistols in the air towards the small drones and senators ran for the nearest door, quadcopters would fly up to senator's heads and explode, splattering the desks and walls with grey matter. The AUSPAN video feed would show all of this in great detail for nearly a minute before the feed was finally cut.

Throughout the American Union a massive distributed attack was taking place. 3d printers setup in rented apartments were churning out small drones that were now being sent out into the world. Electronic attacks were being launched against power facilities and other insecure infrastructure. It wasn't just senators finding themselves in trouble. Anyone on the Magnetic Assembly's list would suddenly find themselves being visited by the killer drones. Anyone who voted for the spending bill, hawkish voices in the media, ISOC command staff aboard space colonies, even soldiers as far away as New Texas. The power outages would follow within seconds as power facilities started to fail. Fires would begin to flare at refineries throughout the Solar System. Automated transports would start to smash themselves into other vehicles along major transport routes.

Within minutes, a media blackout had been imposed as the emergency broadcasting system shut off public news feeds....
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