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  1. Uso

    Book 6: Celestial Empires

    https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ioE0q_S2kn9zI_n1bR5XdM-KzevYP8vQ2USLsGQWoa0/edit?usp=sharing The first chapter of book 6 is up.
  2. Uso

    Hybrid Chemical/Electrical guns

    What reason is there for a combination Chemical/Electrical gun? Sure, you could build a conventional chemically powered gun with black powder and everything, and then further accelerate the bullet with a coilgun at the end... but my initial thought was that this would be needless complex. Would...
  3. Uso

    Book 2, Chapter 2:

    "...the Heaven Forged Republic supports the right to self-determination of all interplanetary and interstellar city and station states. Recent years have been trying times for humanity across the stars. We must not abandon our principles of liberty and compassion, core traits that make us...
  4. Uso

    Three Kingdoms Era Academic Articles

    From Ray https://www.academia.edu/37740209/Da_nipote_di_un_eunuco_a_re_di_Wei_Analisi_e_rivisitazione_della_biografia_di_Cao_Cao Da nipote di un eunuco a re di Wei. Analisi e rivisitazione della b... Academia.edu is a platform for academics to share research papers. NEW [12:15 PM]...
  5. Uso

    Vibro Blades

    To make things a little easier to find, I'm going to put what I found here rather than in the melee weapons thread. Vibro-blade benefits: + Self Cleaning + Better at making more precise cuts (Not necessarily faster or more efficient) + Good at cutting brittle material + Blade not likely to get...
  6. Uso

    Geiben's Bizarre Adventure

    Some side adventures with Geiben and Friends: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NUeRk3cxUwFA1W01dxUQ1ONkvYPKv-wV_aOSz17sqRo/edit?usp=sharing
  7. Uso

    Fly Columbia

    August 15th, 2322 3rd Annual “Fly Columbia!” Electronics and Engineering Expo, Thurston Guile Complex, Olympus Mons Southern Ridge. The dome-cities of Mars were chaotic and adhoc in their construction, with winding tunnels and narrow access ramps giving off a feeling not unlike old europe on...
  8. Uso

    Warship Roles

    What do you do with a warship? -or maybe- why are ships designed that way? The vast majority of the time, military ships aren't being used as part of a huge fleet on fleet battle. Militaries need to do other things as well, and large multi-role ships will be designed with this in mind...
  9. Uso

    VotO Book 3: The Titanomachy

    Those who reside on Olympus now enter into open war in the heavens https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JhCyoySMu_3ce2MhTC-TSxyufxWlV1Bkv-QsxRrBHvU/edit?usp=sharing
  10. Uso

    Formatting Updates for ED Books

    Some consolidation has happened, side stories moved into the main books, formatting changes, and new extra-material sections at the end of the book linking to other plot-relevant stuff. This mostly includes new side-stories in book 3, Reformatting of the first pages for all ED books. A link...
  11. Uso

    Guns (Rail and otherwise)

    I wanted to put this here for long term storage. This is a great primer on what future-guns might look like. https://dsiac.org/articles/hypervelocity-projectiles-a-technology-assessment/
  12. Uso

    The Remapening of Earth

    Ok, it is time to officially start this project since earth is showing up more often now. Step one is figuring out what the earth looks like in 2322. There are a lot of estimates out there. https://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/images/148494/anticipating-future-sea-levels...
  13. Uso

    Spider Pants

  14. Uso

    Containerized Components

    This might be a good question for Ray: What kind of things do you even need on a starship? I'm trying to flesh out the individual components needed for a starship and get them palletized so they can be easily swapped out / reused on other ship designs. As of now I have the following: MACS-1...
  15. Uso

    Particle Beams

    Ray: "What's stopping us from using particle beams?" Obligatory: http://www.projectrho.com/public_html/rocket/spacegunconvent2.php Nothing is stopping us, the Daqin are already using them. I imagine particle beams sit in a weird middle-ground territory and as such they aren't widely used...
  16. Uso

    Book 5: Doing onto Others

    https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eOc6-jDpVpNW632CAe_r6BaqWymtf4x_0aSEa4IgAOI/edit?usp=sharing The opening to book 5, including some side stories revolving around C1, extra art and materials at the end, and the first chapter involving the Grawla starting to get their people together.
  17. Uso

    VotO Book 2 Chapter 8: The Tyranny of Distance

    October 15, 2321 Mars, Olympus Mons Wazu looked at his datapad. "Start Recording," A deep breath. "The HFR arresting the Empress was unexpected." There was another pause as Wazu collected his thoughts. First he needed to establish what they knew. Then what they needed to figure out. Then...
  18. Uso

    Echoni Stories 5: 27

    https://docs.google.com/document/d/1W0dDG1HHKb3z1HcVLWg4kj-XUqaBqPlOf9wm87KjuM4/edit?usp=sharing Wazu gets a new live-in maid and Tall-Sister walks in on them with Z-23.
  19. Uso

    Official Jojo Opening Tier List

    from: https://tiermaker.com/create/all-jojo-openings-45830 Phantom Blood A Tier. This was their first attempt at a JoJo opening and its amazing. Really nails the feeling of being at the start of some massive adventure. Great visials, good song, this is the standard for Jojo openings...
  20. Uso

    VotO Book 2 Chapter 6: A troubled Summit

    October 15, 2321 Mars, Olympus Mons "I'm not saying you look unfashionable. The whole suit-jacket thing is a new look for you, very daring, it just isn't you. It looks like someone dressed you to look nice. I can tell you wouldn't buy that yourself and anyone who matters is going to see the...