• Nobles of Null is a forum based roleplay site where sci-fi and magic collide. Here, Earth remains fractured and divided despite humanity reaching out to the stars. Worse still, the trans-human slaves of one major power have escaped, only to establish their own Empire, seething with resentment at abuses of the past. Even the discovery of aliens, though medieval in development, has failed to rally these squabbling children of Earth together with its far darker implications. Worse still, is the discovery of the impossible - magic. Practiced by the alien locals, nearly depleted and therefore rare, its reality warping abilities remains abstract and distant to the general populace. All the while, unseen in the darkness of space, forces from without threaten to press in. For those with eyes opened by insight, it is clear that an era is about to end, and that a new age will dawn.

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  1. TheCountryWarrior

    A Stunning PR Move (NSFW)

    As the grand designs of the Machine Doctor were in play, the ship in the midst of reconstruction, he was already working on playing a small bit of politics. It turns out that Geiben’s stint as the PR guy was far from over, though this particular mission sounded, at least from the report given to...
  2. TheCountryWarrior

    Okigira: Testament

    Raymond's warm lap held Ghelina's head and she dozed, Raymond's hand gently touching her back as she lightly slept. The light grew brighter, the sun cresting over the horizon. Early in the morning his father walked down the stairs, caught in his tracks. His father Balasar was a bronze...
  3. TheCountryWarrior

    Okigira: Prologue

    Prologue The year is 3560 in the Age of Ascendance, within the city-state of Bastion in the desolate Badlands. Bastion had finished construction only 6 years prior, the result of a Dragonborn uniting many of the tribes in the area under one greater banner, that of a Golden Claw and Shield. The...
  4. TheCountryWarrior

    Introduction to the Playground of the Gods

    Introduction Far beyond the understanding of mortalkind, beings of physicality beyond sight lie in wait. The Cycle moves onward under their watchful eye, the Universe moving eternally due to their input at the beginning of the Cycle. In one section of the Universe, miniscule compared to the...
  5. TheCountryWarrior

    Crew Invitation

    The grand liner Divine Embrace drifted amongst the stars, the crew nestled comfortably within. From the cutting edge holorooms to the classic yet ever useful lounge, the Crew Deck was still a magnificent place to live in between jobs. A select group of individuals walk these halls at the behest...