• Nobles of Null is a forum based roleplay site where sci-fi and magic collide. Here, Earth remains fractured and divided despite humanity reaching out to the stars. Worse still, the trans-human slaves of one major power have escaped, only to establish their own Empire, seething with resentment at abuses of the past. Even the discovery of aliens, though medieval in development, has failed to rally these squabbling children of Earth together with its far darker implications. Worse still, is the discovery of the impossible - magic. Practiced by the alien locals, nearly depleted and therefore rare, its reality warping abilities remains abstract and distant to the general populace. All the while, unseen in the darkness of space, forces from without threaten to press in. For those with eyes opened by insight, it is clear that an era is about to end, and that a new age will dawn.

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    Book 3: A matter of scale

    Added Chapter 14
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    Book 3: A matter of scale

    Added chapter 13
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    Recommended Internal Ship Layout Accounting for All Manners of Artificial Gravity

    Since Ceres has been spun up to provide 0.3 g at the rim, the Coriolis effect makes things act peculiar. Spins at 0.0239 rotations per minute, about 1175 m/s at the spin equator or about x2.3 Ceres escape velocity. Since Detective Miller was born and raised on Ceres he knows how to fill a glass...
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    Recommended Internal Ship Layout Accounting for All Manners of Artificial Gravity

    Also, for everything you wanted to know about artificial gravity but were too afraid to ask: http://www.projectrho.com/public_html/rocket/artificialgrav.php
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    The Edward Deming: Character Creation

    Just added a new section to the Edward Deming page to keep track of all of the characters. Anyone who doesn't have a character sheet has had one already filled in with as much stuff as I could get to today.
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