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  1. Uso

    Day in the Life: Assault on the Heavenly State

    "I'm fine..." Jun replied, letting Hoshiko and Koyama do whatever it is they needed to do with Wen. "... You're the one with tits that literally drove a man insane. So... I guess you should process that..." ... Jun would wait for Koyama to finish whatever it was she was doing with the Wen...
  2. Uso

    Day in the Life: Assault on the Heavenly State

    *BAM* *BAM BAM* Jun had shot her way into this situation, and now she was going to shoot her way out of it. She wasn't going to not-shoot when someone pointed a pistol at her even if her bodysuit could probably stop the bullet... The thought that she might not be fully wearing that armored...
  3. Uso

    Day in the Life: Assault on the Heavenly State

    "I'm A GEOLOGIST" Jun reminded everyone, though it seemed the time to elaborate on her personal accomplishments had past and the time to figure out how to keep Wen from killing Koyama had come. She was being choked, so Jun had a few moments to figure out a plan using what she had available...
  4. Uso

    Day in the Life: Assault on the Heavenly State

    Jun looked at the two of them... well, now three of them. She probably shouldn't inject anything into a process without her permission. So she could just inject Wen and hope for the best? That seemed like a plan? "Should I help with... pulling... or something?" She asked, leaning in and...
  5. Uso

    The Flare

    Stein's fantastic Soyuz Research Document now in PDF form!
  6. Uso

    Book 6: Celestial Empires

    Added Chapter 7
  7. Uso

    Day in the Life: Assault on the Heavenly State

    "Right... Medical kit... from a human freighter... that probably has been here since the thing was made..." Jun said outloud as she started her search There had to be medical gear somewhere on board. The first thing she'd check was the walls, since that is where the emergency stuff usually was...
  8. Uso

    Day in the Life: Assault on the Heavenly State

    Jun leaned towards Koyama, "Its violent, but it isn't fuckin... or maybe it is? You then Wen knows what to do once he gets his pants off?" ... ... ... "Should we... do something?"
  9. Uso

    Day in the Life: Assault on the Heavenly State

    Now it was Jun's turn to be smug, "I set expectations early. You can't expect someone like Wen to know what to do with boobs when he sees them. You have to give them exact instructions... it is sensitive equipment." Just listening to Wen would bring and increasing frown to Jun as Hoshiko...
  10. Uso

    Day in the Life: Assault on the Heavenly State

    "That's probably because people of your station have to be told to be gentle with a woman when she's showing you some favor." Jun replied from her seat off to the side, not caring too much if she was overheard. This was undoubtedly the worst flirting she'd ever seen, but she couldn't take her...
  11. Uso

    Obsidian.md : A local wiki-like tool for lore collection

    https://obsidian.md/ The population of /r/worldbuilding seems to be pretty happy with it. It may be something worth looking at later. It works like a wiki, uses markdown, and runs using files on your local machine:
  12. sbied

  13. Uso

    VotO Book 4: Works and Days

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